Webmaster: ImmortalDM

Dungeon Master/Graphic Design: MdBLimited

A Message from the Webmaster

I discovered the Obsidian Portal in 2011 and took my first shot at a campaign site with the Blood Line campaign which I was DMing at the time. I was immediately sold on the benefits of OP and purchased an ascendant membership soon after signing up. In September of 2011, MdBLimited announced the Myyth Realm Legacy campaign. I had played in the Myyth Realm campaign that had taken place several years before and was excited to be a part of the next chapter. Doing the Blood Line site was a lot of fun and a great way for everyone to share information so I asked MdBLimited if he was interested in having me webmaster a site for him. His response was, “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t see a real need at this point. Perhaps in the future… although my binder seems to be functioning fine – no connection issues or system crashes thus far!” But he had no problem with me making the site for us players to share information and was happy to post it publicly for the OP community. It started off rather rudimentary; I was basically transcribing information that MdBLimited was sending out in .pdf documents and organizing it on the site. Once the custom CSS function was added to OP I added a custom background to the site and invited MdBLimited to take a look. From there things just took off. MdBLimited has some fantastic ability with graphic design so he started sending me graphic after graphic. As we progressed we wanted to do more and more complicated coding so I turned to the OP community for help. I am impressed by the helpfulness and kindness of the people in this community. Everything you see in the coding of this site I learned from someone here. Thank you for bringing our role playing experience to a whole new level. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

P.S. My character, Chaplain Creed, fraking rules.

A Message from the Dungeon Master

MdBLimited began playing Dungeons & Dragons with the Basic boxed set (the red one) at the tender age of nine, which now seems like a very long time ago. MdBLimited gives a hearty thanks to ImmortalDM for managing the Portal site and performing marvels with coding despite not being a programmer; his friends who, despite the distances, still get together to roll the bones; and his family for putting up with his fondness of dice, monster-filled books, and little plastic miniatures his kids refer to as his “toys.” Also a big thank you to the Obsidian Portal community for answering ImmortalDM’s questions, which allowed him to develop the site.


If you are the copyright holder of any image on this site, and you feel that its use here does not fall under “fair use,” please contact me by private message and I will be happy to either give more in depth credit to the image in question, or remove it at your bequest. We do not make any money from these concepts or our activities, and are using these ideas, pictures and so forth just for our own fun. Thank you.


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