Seeker's Revenge List


The “Magnificent” Tam Fingis
Sniveling Torchbearer/Clever Sorcerer
Offense: Stole the Magi Stone from the Seekers

Black Thane Ghörik
Thane of the Silverkiln Clan
Offense: Slaying Tudor & Forcing the Seekers to Flee

“Astoras’s Nemesis”
Black-Robed Wizard
Offense: Forcing the Seekers to Flee/World-Class Manipulation

Colossal Spider
Mutant from the Uncharted Isle
Offense: Nearly Killing Kongo

Lord Luther
Lord of the North Vales
Offense: Ordering the Mass Murder of the Residents of Silas
Resolution: Slain by Creed during a Duel in Silas

Proprietor of the Chaste Sailor Tavern
Offense: Using Seekers for Personal Gain
Resolution: Essence Transferred to Dys and Slain by Seekers

The City of Gentry
Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
Offense: Causing the Loss of Multiple Magic Items and Dys; Scuttling the Albatross
Resolution: Razed during Troll Incursion

Nhir’gan Warlock
Offense: Inciting Troll Invasion of the North Vales
Resolution: Left to Live Out his Days as a Hated/Dishonored Shaman in the Nhirland

Prince of the Fey
Offense: Arrogant Bastard
Resolution: Died when the ul’Fyrnan lost its magic after the Unraveling

Seeker's Revenge List

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