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Updated: 03/13/2016



Heroes Save the World; I Save Heroes

Item Aura Slot Wt. Notes
Sacred Shield of Adelphus Moderate Evocation Held 15 Crypt of Adelphus (MRL#6)
Radiant Hammer Strong Evocation Held 5 Taken from Black Thane (MRL#9)
Ring of Waterbreathing Moderate Transmutation Ring - Pirate Chest (MRL#1)
Ring of Four Winds Faint Evocation Ring - Purchase from Myrkyr (MRL#8)
Cloak of Resistance +1 Faint Abjuration Shoulders 1 Body of Nhir’gan (MRL#10)
Periapt of Wisdom +2 Moderate Transmutation Throat - Body of Fenris (MRL#10)
Dispelling Cord Faint Transmutation Torso - Black Dragon Hoard (MRL#2)
Laura’s Bracelet Strong Abjuration Arms - Laura from Gentry (MRL#4)
Ugruk’s Pouch Moderate Conjuration Carried 25 Ogre Camp on Erobyss (MRL#8)
Ugruk’s Flask Moderate Transmutation Carried 4 Ogre Camp on Erobyss (MRL#8)
Powder of the Black Veil Faint Necromancy Carried - Refuse Pit (MRL#4)
Tome of Understanding +3 Strong Evocation Carried 5 Body of Bolbik (MRL#11)


I Seek the Silverkiln

Item Aura Slot Wt. Notes
Gharl’s Armor Moderate Transmutation Body 50 Dwarf Corpse (MRL#9)
+2 Heavy Steel Shield Faint Abjuration Held 15 Tower of Zhagros (MRL#11)
Ring of Protection +2 Faint Abjuration Ring - Dead Hag (MRL#2)
Ring of Bolbik Strong Transmutation Ring - Body of Bolbik (MRL#11)
Cloak of Resistance +1 Faint Abjuration Shoulders 1 Body of Nhir’gan (MRL#10)
Blood Charm Faint Abjuration Throat ½ Black Dragon Hoard (MRL#2)
Silver Arrow Strong Necromancy Carried - Orchard on Erobyss (MRL#8)
Mystic Key None Carried 1 Gift from Cyprus (MRL#7)


I will stay behind

Item Aura Slot Wt. Notes
Kedri’s Leather Moderate Abjuration Body 15 Black Dragon Hoard (MRL#8)
Oathkeeper Moderate Transmutation Held 5 Gift from Orinson Ryks (MRL#7)
Emerald Ring Strong Conjuration Ring - From Dwarf Knight (MRL#9)
Ring of Protection +2 Faint Abjuration Ring - Dead Mage (MRL#9)
Eyes of the Eagle Faint Divination Face - Purchase from Myrkyr (MRL#10)
Girallon Stone Moderate Transmutation Throat ½ Ogre Camp on Erobyss (MRL#8)
Gauntlets of Eli Faint Transmutation Hands - Eli’s Skeleton (MRL#4)
Everburning Candle Faint Transmutation Carried - Hag Lair (MRL#2)



Item Aura Slot Wt. Notes
Staff of Timeran Strong Varied Held 5 Black Dragon Hoard (MRL#8)
Ring of Bazkalan Strong Varied Ring - Body of Zhagros (MRL#11)
Silver Pendant Faint Abjuration Throat - Troll Throne (MRL#5)
Armband of Elusive Action Faint Transmutation Arms 1 Refuse Pit (MRL#4)
Myrkyr’s Iron Lamp Faint Conjuration Carried 3 Black Dragon Hoard (MRL#2)
Blue Spellbook None Carried 3 Library of Zhagros (MRL#11)
Fey Powder Moderate Conjuration Carried - Fey of ul’Fyrnan (MRL#5)


I don't need a stupid hover quote

Item Aura Slot Wt. Notes
+1 Chain Shirt Faint Transmutation Body 25 Troll Armory (MRL#5)
Ghost Blade Moderate Illusion Held 1 Spirit of Jeremiah (MRL#6)
Sol’nae’ri Blade Strong Necromancy Held 2 Gift from Persephia (MRL#10)
Gray Stone Ring Faint Transmutation Ring - Troll Vault (MRL#5)
Cloak of Resistance +1 Faint Abjuration Shoulders 1 Dragon Hoard (MRL#2)
Captain’s Medallion Moderate Abjuration Throat ½ Captain Pollock (MRL#4)
Gloves of Dexterity +2 Moderate Transmutation Hands - Body of Bolbik (MRL#11)
Acrobat Boots Faint Transmutation Feet 1 Hag’s Lair (MRL#2)
Gilded Compass Moderate Divination Carried - From Dwarf Knight (MRL#9)
Bag of Holding (Type I) Moderate Conjuration Carried 15 Body of Bolbik (MRL#11)
Wand of Magic Missile Faint Evocation Carried - Body of Bolbik (MRL#11)



Description Aura Slot Wt. Notes
Surehammer’s Breastplate None Body 30 Moradin’s Old Armor
+1 Heavy Steel Shield Faint Abjuration Held 15 Trade with Myrkyr (MRL#7)
Amethyst Pendant Faint Abjuration Throat ½ From Arris Mennes (MRL#5)
Eight Black Dragon Scales None Carried 16 Ugruk’s Armor (MRL#8)
Masterwork Warhammer None Carried 5 Creed’s Old Weapon
Two Bronze Bells None Carried 40 From Nhir’gan Bridge (MRL#10)
Iynic Hourglass Overwhelming Universal Carried 5 Desert World (MRL#12)

  Coins: 75 gp (1.5 lbs)

  Current Weight of Contents = 106.5 lbs. of 500 lbs.
  Maximum Volume of 70 cubic feet.

Party Pool

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