Legacy Calendar

The calendar of Rhuul is based on the Faladoran model with twelve months of thirty days each divided into six five day weeks. The inhabitants of Rhuul do not have names for the days of the week but frequently refer to dates based on Uranok’s full lunar phase (e.g. “the duke will arrive the fourth-day after the Hunter’s Moon”), a recent holiday (e.g. “the raiders appeared eight days after Wintermourn”), or a notable event (e.g. “he arrived at the inn three days before the great fire”). Unlike the Faladoran Calendar, the Rhuulan variant has a standardized year reference in relation to the Exodus (BE = Before Exodus and AE = After Exodus). Noted below are the months along with the dates of common Faladoran holidays and when the dark moon Uranok is full.

ORBUS [January]
2nd – Feast of Sorrows: a mid-winter tradition of games and meager rations to celebrate the hope of making it a few more months through the dark season.
14th – Old Moon

CALIGUS [February]
13th – Hunger Moon
30th – Wintermourn: a solemn day of fasting culminating in a midnight dinner of bread and water with table settings placed for those who have died in the previous year.

PLURAS [March]
12th – Black Moon
13th – Festival of Moons: a celebration from dusk to dawn in observance of the annual lunar alignment when the powers of darkness and light are said to be in perfect balance.

IMBER [April]
4th – Exodus Anniversary: a day of remembrance when the human refugees of the Four Duchies abandoned the mainland and set sail to begin anew in Rhuul.
11th – Wolf Moon

10th – Crow Moon

8th – Veil Night: a lunar eclipse of Uranok and a time of dancing, feasting, and the wearing of masks to celebrate that the powers of darkness are at their weakest.
9th – Shadow Moon

7th – Crown Feast: a day to pay homage to lords and rulers where commoners provide food and nobles hand out gifts.
8th – Thunder Moon

ARDEN [August]
7th – Harvest Moon
18th – Shadowing: a solar eclipse where Uranok is surrounded by a red halo and the powers of darkness are said to be at their peak.

AESTAS [September]
6th – Hunter’s Moon
13th – Harvest Feast: a day of rest, feasting, and camaraderie after the harvest season is complete, which typically culminates in a dance of the recently betrothed.

ORIS [October]
5th – Blood Moon
7th – Lord Feast: a euphemism for when taxes are due to the local lord whose collectors frequently sit at tables along busy intersections or go door to door with armed escorts.

NIVOSUS [November]
4th – Frost Moon
17th – Peace Knot: a day to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Drol’Tor which ended the Rhuulan Civil War.

IBERNUS [December]
3rd – Winter Moon



SESSION I: MRL#1 Astoras – 02/11/2012
Oris 8: Island of Astoras – Awaken on Beach
Oris 9: Whaling Camp
Oris 10: Rundown Shack – Death of Moradin – Resurrected by Astoras
Oris 11-14: Albatross – At Sea

SESSION II: MRL#2 Oracle – 05/19/2012
Oris 15: Egremont Wreckage
Oris 16-17: Albatross – At Sea
Oris 18: Island of Ganyss – Village of Agon
Oris 19: Hag’s Cavern
Oris 20: Abandoned House
Oris 21: Orik’s Tomb
Oris 22-26: Albatross – At Sea

SESSION III: MRL#3 Uncharted – 09/22/2012
Oris 27-30: Spider Island


Nivosus 1-6: Spider Island
Nivosus 7-21: Repair Albatross

SESSION IV: MRL#4 Chaplain – 01/12/2013
Nivosus 22-27: Albatross – At Sea – Summon Myrkyr (Requested: Pearl Necklace)
Nivosus 28-29: Verland – Town of Gentry
Nivosus 30: Gentry – Chaste Sailor Tavern


SESSION V: MRL#5 Incursion – 04/20/2013
Ibernus 1: Smuggler’s Tunnel
Ibernus 2: North Vales – Corpse Rest
Ibernus 3: North Vales – Village of Silas – Vance’s House
Ibernus 4: Eimhir – Road to Norkelm
Ibernus 5: Village of Norkelm – Tannar House
Ibernus 6: ul’Fyrnan
Ibernus 7: ul’Fyrnan – Verdant Meadow
Ibernus 8: Arbroath – Stepping into Portal
Ibernus 9-22: Lost Time in ul’Fyrnan

SESSION VI: MRL#5 Incursion (Part II) – 07/13/2013
Ibernus 23-25: Vangr’fjel
Ibernus 26: Owl Flight to Gentry
Ibernus 27: Battle of Gentry – Death of Creed – Resurrected by Cup of Life
Ibernus 28-30: Norkelm – Summon Myrkyr (Delivered: Pearl Necklace; Requested: +1 Heavy Steel Shield)



SESSION VII: MRL#6 Revelations – 10/05/2013
Orbus 1: Norkelm
Orbus 2: Norkelm – Feast of Sorrows
Orbus 3: North Vales – Silas
Orbus 4: North Vales – Corpse Rest
Orbus 5: Gentry – Isaac Inn
Orbus 6-7: Nairn Blair – Snow Cave
Orbus 8-9: City of Dunkeld

SESSION VIII: MRL#7 Oblivion – 01/25/2014
Orbus 10: Dunkeld/The Pathways
Orbus 11-29: Dunkeld – Crown & Scepter Inn
Orbus 30: Dunkeld – Summon Myrkyr (Delivered: +1 Heavy Steel Shield; Requested: Ring of Four Winds)


Caligus 1-4: Dunkeld – Crown & Scepter Inn

SESSION IX: MRL#8 Erobyss – 04/26/2014
Caligus 5: Dunkeld – Meeting with Graebyn
Caligus 6-9: Leviathan – At Sea
Caligus 10-12: Island of Erobyss
Caligus 13: Erobyss – Ogre Camp

SESSION X: MRL#8 Erobyss (Part II) – 07/12/2014
Caligus 14: Erobyss – Journey to Stump
Caligus 15-17: Stump of World Tree
Caligus 18-19: Black Dragon Lair
Caligus 20-24: Leviathan – At Sea
Caligus 25: Return to Dunkeld

MRL#9 Silverkiln
Caligus 26: Dunkeld – Anvil Inn
Caligus 27-28: Travel to Norkelm
Caligus 29-30: Norkelm


Pluras 1-2: Norkelm – Summon Myrkyr (Delivered: Ring of Four Winds; Requested: Eyes of the Eagle)
Pluras 3-4: Duchess Yorra – At Sea
Pluras 5: Fincharn – Village of Sand Point
Pluras 6: Fincharn – Cloudkill Grove
Pluras 7: Return to Sand Point

SESSION XI: MRL#9 Silverkiln (Part II) – 10/25/2014
Pluras 8: Sand Point
Pluras 9: Lake Bhakal – Finna the Ferryman
Pluras 10: Skaldor Valley – Dwarf Tower
Pluras 11: Mount Thuk – Halls of the Silverkiln Clan
Pluras 12: Encounter with Black Thane – Death of Tudor
Pluras 13: Return to Sand Point – Village Raided by Nhir’gan

SESSION XII: MRL#10 Horde – 01/24/2015
Pluras 14-16: Journey South to Nhirland
Pluras 17: Nhirland – Rescue Gnash
Pluras 18: Nhirland – Marrow Lands – Cliff Village with Gnash
Pluras 19: Nhirland – Crallak Plains – Camp with Nhir’gan Scouts
Pluras 20: Nhirland – Swar’at Valley – Death of Fenris
Pluras 21-30: Nhirland – Gray Wood


Imber 1: Gray Wood – Summon Myrkyr (Delivered: Eyes of the Eagle; Requested: Scroll of Resurrection)
Imber 2-30: Gray Wood – Await Myrkyr’s Return


Mittos 1: Gray Wood – Summon Myrkyr (Delivered: Scroll of Resurrection) – Resurrected Tudor
Mittos 2-3: Gray Wood – Rest, Healing, Magic Item Identification

SESSION XIII: MRL#10 Horde (Part II) – Date 04/25/2015
Mittos 4: Gray Wood
Mittos 5: Thorn Pine
Mittos 6: Mun’Tor – Mission to Abduct Seeress
Mittos 7: Gray Wood – River Travel
Mittos 8: Crallak Plains – Seeress Compound
Mittos 9-11: Crallak Plains – Abduct Seeress
Mittos 12-14: Gray Wood – Rest, Healing & Message to Captain Levine
Mittos 15: Duchess Yorra – At Sea

SESSION XIV: MRL#11 Apprentice – Date 01/09/2016
Mittos 16: At Sea – Disable the Vengeance
Mittos 17: At Sea – Undead Attack & Sight Tentacle Island
Mittos 18: Tower of Zhagros – Escape through Tapestry

SESSION XV: MRL#12 Tapestry – Date 03/12/2016
Mittos 19: Desert World – Temple of Shul-zhai
Mittos 20: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 21: City of Gai Sheng – Meet First Minister [Viktor “meets” Lady Tay]
Mittos 22: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 23: Niobe Desert – Azza Seep
Mittos 24: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 25: Niobe Desert – Battle Apocalypse Machine
Mittos 26: Temple of Shul-zhai – Use Catalyst – Appear Near Ruins of Throne



SESSION XVI: MRL#13 Hourglass – 05/21/2016
Mittos 27: Ruins of Throne – Ten Years Have Passed – Magic is Gone
Mittos 28: Island of Astoras – Recover Soul Box – Discussion with Miliel – Contact Lich Lord
Mittos 29: Keep of Ghalagnörd – Alliance with Lich Lord – Appear in Norkelm & Battle
Mittos 30: Rohk Castle – Defeat King Skraal – Cavern Stairs


SESSION XVII: MRL#13 Hourglass (Part II) – 10/08/2016
Janalas 1: ??
Janalas 2: ??
Janalas 4: ??

MRL#14 Under Realm
Janalas 5: ??

Legacy Calendar

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