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The Sky FatherThe Sky Father

“And the realm was without form, a void of dust and wind. And the Sky Father moved upon the cloud. And the Sky Father embraced all that was. And the realm fell together in His divine embrace.”

Worshipers of Iynmar first appeared in Verland around 75 AE. This exclusively human religion was founded by Abbot Lexander Nodd outside of a secluded village deep within the North Vales. With the Auguran Wars still underway the threat of eradication by the demon hoards compounded the stress of survival in an unforgiving land. Until Abbot Nodd built the first temple to Iynmar the people of Verland were godless and living in constant fear. Iynmar gave the people of Verland a sense that a greater being was watching over them. As the religion spread so did the confidence to establish a robust agricultural and trade system. The Iynmarian religion remains dominant on the sparsely populated Verland Island and is sometimes found in small pockets elsewhere in the Kingdome of Rhuul.


The Iynmarian religion does not have any overseeing body and thus no hierarchy. Each temple is independent of one another and usually differs in the details of their faith. Legend says that the founder, Abbot Lexander Nodd was given his title from Iynmar himself. Individual priests, with or without a flock or temple, are known as Chaplains. On occasion a Chaplain will have subordinate clergymen known as Deacons. The basis of the faith in every temple is essentially the same and is derived from the 5 tenents of Iynmar:

  1. Iynmar is the creator of the realm and holds fast the ground, the sky, and the ether in His divine embrace.
  2. Iynmar watches over the faithful from beyond the sky.
  3. Iynmar grants good fortune to his followers and demands sacrifice at the time of the harvest moon.
  4. Abbott Lexander Nodd was granted divine inspiration to spread the word of the Sky Father and bring salvation to all the faithful.
  5. The 3 sacraments are signs of Iynmar’s grace to all who receive them:
    -Last Rites

Holy SymbolIynmar symbol

The holy symbol of Iynmar represents arms crossing over the realm in a divine embrace.

Mystical Powers

Iynmar grants no divine power to his followers. However, it is whispered amongst some of the clergy that there are a few who have stumbled upon it while worshiping under the night sky. Although it is generally believed that this is nothing more than rumor as none have stepped forward to prove receipt of this divine gift.


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