Campaign Conclusion


Campaign Conclusion

The pain is agonizing – the cosmic forces seeking to tear your body apart as the Orb of Creation flares in your hands and is drawn unerringly toward the now rapidly beating Dark Heart. As they meet, there is a brilliant, blinding flash…

The days which followed are a blur. Leaving the cave, you recall the sea of demons grew still and rain began to fall, turning the parched abyssal wasteland green. Your fallen companions let out long breaths and sat up confused – their wounds healed, life miraculously restored. Returning to the Realm of your past, things seemed unchanged when Bazkalan appeared. He smiled and thanked you: the demons of the Abyss were dying without the Root of All Evil to sustain them and the future was, once again, unknown to him. Before departing, the archmage told you old friends were waiting at Ghalagnörd.

At the northern keep the atmosphere is brooding. The Raiders of the Tuskan Horn – Lividicus, Cyprus, Rin and Stiehl – invite you into the great hall where you share a meal of stew, bread, and ale. Looking around the table, you sit among the legends in whose shadows you walked for so long only to break from their legacy to forge your own path. You realize the Raiders and Seekers are now equals. But eyes wander to an empty seat. Battle Earl Cyprus explains in hushed tones that Bastion escaped the Abyss with his child born of the demon Myriam. Daring to break the resulting silence, you ask, “What do we do now?” Rin, roused from his malaise, looks up from his untouched food and states with an icy glare, “We will hunt him down and kill him… together.”


The heroes – Seekers and Raiders alike – are resurrected by the energies released from the Orb of Creation and Dark Heart’s union. A new timeline begins with the death of Demon Lord Amonatep, the purification of the Root of All Evil and, most importantly, the escape of Bastion with his newborn daughter. The sacred hammer Sig’Thok, though destroyed splintering the root, is carried by Creed from his future in the form of the Radiant Hammer of Thorakk.

Campaign Conclusion

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