Tam Fingis

Human Torchbearer [Sorcerer]


Encountered: Haunted Warren (MRL#14 Under Realm)

Gaunt, with long lice-ridden brown hair, and a tangled beard, Tam has an ocular condition that gives him a large “fish eye.”

Although dim-witted and simple, Tam always tries his best to help. Tam was an impoverished fisherman living along the Arrael River near Kaladin when the Halberds recruited him. The horrors he endured at the hands of the duergar (and Tudor setting him on fire) have left Tam terrified of the dark (and wizards). He wants desperately to return to the surface and feel the sun, but is overjoyed the Seekers have hired him on to be their torchbearer in the meantime.

Campaign Note: Tam’s true identity was revealed after he stole the magi stone from the Seekers and disappeared, signing a note he left behind: Tam Fingis the Magnificent.

Tam Fingis

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