Moradin Thunderbane

Seeker of the Shattered Isle


Last Update: 07/15/18

Lawful Neutral

AC 29 (T20/FF24); HP 173
Init +2; Listen +0, Search +0, Spot +0
Fort +12, Reflex +8, Will +12
Base Atk +12 / +7/ +2; Grp +15; Speed 25
Str 18 Dex 14 Con 18 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 20

Weapon(s): Surehammer’s Waraxe & MW Composite Longbow [Str + 3]
Armor: Gharl’s Armor & +2 Heavy Steel Shield
Special Items: Blood Charm, Silver Arrow, Mystic Key, Ring of Bolbik, Ring of Protection +2, Cloak of Resistance +1

Feats: Psionic Weapon, Greater Psionic Weapon, Psionic Body, Psionic Meditation, Greater Weapon Focus, Deep Impact, Mounted Combat
Team Feats: Tactician, Chain Attack
Skills: Concentration +20, Hide -2, Move Silently -2
Abilities: Darkvision 60 ft., Bulwark of Defense, Mounted Combat, Shield Block +1,
Fighting Challenge +1, Elude Touch, Wild Surge +3, Surehammer’s Gifts (III), Endless Insult, Short Thrust, Infuriate
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Power Points: 63
Current XP: 85,982

Oracle Revelation:
The Lost Clan can still be found. Seek them where the ice meets fire.


It has been a long time since I’ve felt the warmth of the great hearths of Tuthok, our refuge beneath the Craggrock Mountains after the Abyssal Legions invaded the Realm during the Auguran Wars. Our legends speak of how our Most Holy Bishop Lividicus guided us to the safety of those mountain halls and saved the Ironkiln from eradication, but also sealed the dwarven people off from the world. The same legends tell of some clans refusing to obey Lividicus’s edict and striking out to distant lands to seek new beginnings. Among these clans were the Silverkiln and they were led by the last surviving Hammer of Orohk, the warrior-priest Thorakk Lightforge. It was rumored they went north across the Great North Sea seeking the humans who had fled the Realm under Battle Earl Cyprus Nightbreeze, a close friend of the Most Holy Bishop Lividicus.

When I came of age, I became a squire to Munik Surehammer, a Knight of the Lividictine Order (the sworn defenders of the Most Holy Bishop Lividicus and the Guardians of Mount Orohk). I was present when Lividicus, ancient and wise, gave Munik and two others knights – Gharl Blackanvil and Barras Stonewarden – a quest that brought us far from our homeland of Ghorrl, across the many seas, and into the Kingdom of Rhuul.

I was also there when the savage nhir’gan hunted us down one by one when we crossed their festering lands. Grievously injured and outnumbered, the knights scattered. Munik, near death from his wounds, removed his armor and gave it to me, saying “This is yours now. Take it and wear it with honor.” He then handed me his waraxe, saying “This is yours now, as well. Take it and wield it with honor and just intentions.” Munik then rose to his feet, a ghost of his former self after months of near-starvation, combat, and worry, and calmly watched the nhir’gan come over the rise.

He turned to me, his humble squire, and said the words which drive me, “Seek the Silverkiln for they inhabit these lands. Tell them Lividicus now has need of the gift presented them centuries before. Bring the gift to Lividicus, Moradin. Let nothing and no one get in your way.” Munik smiled and placed his hand on my shoulder, a gesture marking me an equal and my heart swelled with honor… it was also the only time I had ever seen Munik smile or heard him use my name.

Unarmed and without armor, Munik ran toward the rise, drawing the nhir’gan away from me so I could escape and fulfill the quest…

The journey had to continue with the utmost caution. Escaping into the hills and evading the relentless pursuit of the nhir’gan, I followed up on a lead near Lake Åldoron. The halfling hermit Baylor Mogul took up residences in the mountains that surround the lake. Baylor was a shady character, but he had information I needed to keep the quest alive. Everything comes at a cost with a halfling. After dispatching some pesky orcs plaguing Baylor, I learned the information I needed and the journey continued to the port town of Morvern to the east.

Movern is a bustling port town important for trade between Rhuul and the other provinces. Nearly out of food and supplies, I made it to the gates of Movern. Captain Bauk was my contact in town and had more information of the Silverkiln’s whereabouts. He was a member of the Tempest Travelers Shipping Company. The captain was responsible for trade between Rhuul and the province of Egremont. The meeting with the captain didn’t go quite as planned. As it turned out, the captain wanted me to accompany a ship to Egremont and escort a caravan to the village of Wyvlan. After which the information and supplies I needed would be given to me.

The ship departed Movern, crossed the Gulf of Torahn, passed the Myros Straits, and reached the port town of Dungar. However after a couple days journey from Dungar with a few wagons and some hired hands, we came upon resistance. The caravan was attacked by a group of bandits of which I remember little. When the fighting commenced, I was knocked unconscious from a barrage of arrows and rocks. The next thing I remember was being awoken in the town of Wyvlan at Olmstead House by an elderly man by the name of Jeremiah Olmstead. I was apparently left at the doorstep of the inn a couple of days ago by a man in not much better shape than I. With few supplies and clues to the Silverkiln, I need to find armed companions to cross these dangerous lands and fulfill my quest…

Moradin Thunderbane

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