Jän Silverbeard

Under Realm Guide


Encountered: Town of Peril Deep (MRL#14 Under Realm)

Venerable even by dwarven standards, Jän is bald but full-bearded and maintains a powerful physique, regaling in bouts of strength, such as arm wrestling. He is nearly blind with milky white cataracts in both eyes. His wardrobe consists of a gray wool sweater, leather overalls, heavy boots, and a belt laden with an array of spelunking tools.

The brother of Thrôr Forgehammer, Jän left his family, the Ironkiln Clan, and the terrors of war behind after the Battle of Split Rock to forge a new life far below the earth. The dwarf, during his many expeditions, has ridden the Hellspout and walked the streets of Abyssia. The years, however, have since slipped away and Jän has grown old – his silver hair retreating from his bald head but his beard remains full (a great source of pride for him). The guide is renowned for his knowledge of the Deep Realm, though exposure to toxic gases has left him virtually blind. He had special lenses crafted to restore his vision and continued his career until events robbed him of his goggles. Gregarious, and blunt, Jän likes solitude to gather his thoughts and the taste of a fine cigar. He bristles at being told what to do and finds rules an avoidable hindrance.

Jän Silverbeard

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