Campaign of the Month: April 2013

Myyth Realm: Legacy

MRL#1 Astoras

Session I: Oris 8 - 11, 252 A.E.

Night 1
So, where do I start. I just met these guys a couple weeks ago and I am pretty sure we are going to die. First of all a creepy guy pulling a turnip cart talked to us and warned us about a witch that lives in a tower on the island. We asked about any villages near by and he pointed us in the direction of the nearest village. But, instead of going to said village, we decided to camp in the wide open. So, in the middle of the night a giant bloody wasp attacks us and the stupid dwarf challenges the thing to a fight to the death. I have no words, for the sheer stupidity of this group. Then we decide to finally go to the village and we get lost and end up at an old whaling camp. Where at least, this time, we took shelter in a building. Even though the “building” wasn’t much of a building. We survived the night with only hearing one of the giant wasps.

Day 2
We are going to die. Yep no doubt about it. We are going to die. Now the stupid dwarf won’t attack when his opponent makes a mistake because it would be honorable. Mortagen or whatever the hell his name is, is going to die and get us all killed.

Night 2
What did I say, what did I say?! The stupid dwarf is dead and now there is a bloody giant. Yep, I said giant. Oh, and get this the giant is even dumber then the dwarf. It can’t speak common. Now our crazy ass chaplin is going to confront the giant by himself. Did I mention that he has a skull on his belt that he talks to. I mean he carries on conversation with the thing. This is going to end well.

Day 3
I’m really not very sure how long we have been on this island or if my previous entries are correct. I can’t tell if it is day or night. We have rested so many times, I’m confused. On a brighter note I got into three chests with treasure in them and I got a sweet ass rapier. Oh, I almost forgot to my dismay Moradin was brought back from the dead. “How did that happen!?” you might ask. The witch came and called off her giant. That was a relief. Then, she cast a sleep spell or something on us. I resisted and heard her talking to someone. She said something about “there is supposed to be five of them”. I couldn’t resist her charms any longer and fell asleep. When we woke up the damn dwarf was alive. She led us to her tower and helped us to escape by hiding us with a kiss, (don’t ask) and showing us a secret tunnel that led to the coast and a ship to get us off that forsaken rock. Now we are on our way back to where this nightmare began.

Viktor Delmark, Esq.


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