Campaign Summary

Graphic   campaign summary
MRL#1 Astoras
[Oris 8 to Oris 14, 252 AE]

• Washed ashore on the beach of Astoras Island, with little memory of the events that brought us there – no more than fragmented recollections of a nhir’ghan horde and a stormy exodus from Egremont. The group was confused as to whether they knew each other or had never met, but quickly worked together to dispatch a pack of giant, killer crustaceans.

• Set camp on the beach, hoping for some sign of rescue or other intelligent (and friendly!) life. We received a visit from a man hauling a turnip cart; he introduced himself as Roland, and turns out to be more than seems on this first visit. He told us about a path to a village, and warned us about the “witch’s tower”. We ate a turnip or two, and he left. It was an… odd encounter.

• That night, we fought the first wasp-harpy. It approached slowly, and communicated with us, unfortunately Moradin issued a challenge before we could have a proper conversation. Tough battle; we fear the wasp-harpies.

• Suspect Roland sic’d the wasp-harpy on us, but not sure. We move away from the camp, and do not follow the trail pointed out by Roland. Spend night at old whaling camp; hounded by more wasp-harpies but remain undetected.

• With nowhere else to go, we set off for the village, avoiding wasp-harpies along the way. The village is abandoned and decrepit; fought two giant centipedes at the former inn. Hid in one of the tiny, ramshackle homes for the night.

• That night, we unsuccessfully attempted to ambush one the wasp-harpies. Moradin is killed in the melee.

• The following morning, we bury Moradin. Then encounter the giant/bodyguard of the Astoras, whom we meet next – when she puts us all to sleep. We awaken to find Moradin alive, and are all taken to Astoras’ tower to be hidden from… someone.

• At the tower, we enter a secret tunnel and are given the Kiss of Astoras. We hear a heated discussion between Astoras and a sinister-sounding man, who smells of roses and death. We have no record of their conversation. [If anyone remembers any details, please add to this summary]

• We move through the tunnel and eventually make our way out. We fought another monstrous sea-creature in a large cavern, and found a secret treasure cache that included a map and the Black Sword. We could not decipher the map.

• On another beach, we meet a new ally – Captain Pollock of the Albatross, and his crew. We help to repair his ship, and set off for Egremont.

MRL#2 Oracle
[Oris 15 to Oris 25, 252 AE]

• After several days of sailing we come to the ruin that was once Egremont. Miles of flotsam in every direction. We head for the nearest isle, Ganyss.

• Rescue Darrin from the debris, who tells the tale of the enormous tentacles rising from the sea and tearing Egremont asunder. Tudor states that the story resembles the ancient legend of Ny’azathaugrath the Devourer, the most feared and eldest of the Primordials, older than the gods and time who emerged from the chaos following the Dying of Time.

• We arrive at Ganyss, but are warned that the only town on the island, Agon, is suffering from an outbreak of bloodlung, and are asked to visit the Oracle on the other side of the isle to find a cure. We travel to an inlet that should lead us to the Oracle; fighting stirges along the way.

• As we depart, Darrin gives the White Flame Pendant to Creed and states to “use it in your darkest hour”. Creed almost recognizes Darrin’s holy symbol, and has a vague recollection of a disbanded holy order, but we don’t know anything more about him.

• We enter the tunnel in the cliff-face and encounter/defeat a hag in a large cavern. In an underwater passageway we find the hag’s lair, in which rests a giant, ancient cauldron with broken writing that states, “Behold and ____ unholy ____ the Kur-dul _____ unlife ____ Prince ____ Souls for All Eternity.” We also find a catatonic human whom the hag appears to have been feasting on; he drowns.

• We backtrack to find the remnants of stairs that will lead to the Oracle. It appears that the hag had used the wooden stairs to create a rickety bridge in the large cavern. Unwary pilgrims would make their way across her bridge, thinking to find the Oracle; instead they became her victims.

• We crossed the Bridge of Believers and ascended the Stairs of Penitence after an encounter with some dark mantles.

• We then met the Oracle and her dark-robed entourage. She told us to retrieve for her the remains of Orik, Fabled Silver Knight (part of the Silver Legion, last knights of Falador) from Taarghin Moor. With them, she can create a cure for bloodlung.

• The Oracle also tells Moradin about the gift given to Silverkiln by Lividicus. It was carried by Thorakk Lightforge and lost at Rhuul; the nhir’ghan have since “placed it upon their highest altar”.

• Travel to Taarghin Moor and meet the greedy little raftsman, Khirgil. He guides us to our destination; we fight some large, albino alligators on the way. We reach dry land and engage in a very difficult, uphill battle against a vicious floating, flaming skull.

• We find Orik’s tomb, and enter through a collapsed wall in the hillside. Inside, we find the sarcophagi of the six sons of Orik (in order): Cedric, Pormus, Triton, Morrik, Hurus, and Woden.

• A silver door engraved with “Here lies Orik the Just”. From this chamber emerged a young black dragon; the Seekers dispatch it with some lucky dice. Orik’s burial chamber (marked 31BE – 28AE) had a domed ceiling with engravings of what appeared to be the Raiders of the Tuskan Horn [player knowledge, not character knowledge]. Lividicus, Rin, and Cyprus were reaching out to Bastion with pleading looks, while the mage turned his backs to them while Stiehl lurked in the shadows.

• We loot the dragon’s hoard (which included Myrkyr’s Iron Lamp), and retrieve some of Orik’s remains. Moradin snatches up the Holy Falchion of Orik. We make our way back to Khirgil, and hide from a huge black dragon soaring overheard, screaming in rage.

• Return to the Oracle, who infuses the cure using Orik’s bones. She grants us each a revelation (Viktor was missing).

• To Tudor: “Only the wizard’s ring can open the iron doors of Astoras. Seek it in the tower beneath the sea.”

• To Creed: “Return to the Tabernacle. He awaits you there.”

• To Rykson: “Evil comes in many forms and wears many masks. But the heart is always true and vulnerable.”

• To Moradin: “The lost clan can still be found. Seek them where the ice meets fire.”

• We bring the cure to Agon and pour it into the town’s well, as instructed by the Oracle. The town is saved, and the group gets their first taste of heroic notoriety. Captain Pollock offers to take us anywhere we wish to go; following Creed’s revelation, we set forth for the Province of Verland and the tabernacle in the village of Silas.

MRL#3 Uncharted
[Oris 26 to Nivosus 22, 252 AE]

• En route to Verland, a fierce storm wrecks the Albatross against the rocky shoals of an uncharted island. The party manages to regroup on the shore (after Tudor’s nearly fatal encounter with a school of jellyfish), but the captain and crew are missing, and the Albatross is clearly out of commission.

• There is evidence of a large blast that knocked down all of the trees in the area. Viktor finds the bloated corpse of a crewman on the beach, and we are lured into a trap by a screaming spider. Here, we find the body of another crewman, Wry.

• Camp; observe bonfire in the night. In the morning, we head towards the area of the fire and are attacked by another giant spider (a different breed, with glowing green legs). Evidence suggests that the spider had dragged the trees here and somehow set the fire; these spiders seem to be intelligent enough to set elaborate traps for their prey.

• Beneath the shallow waters, we see the wreckage of several ships. We loot the ships and find some decent treasure, including our ring of water breathing, the crimson chainmail, and a magical golden spindle.

• We come to a small, ruined house near the shore where we discover a small, hidden box. It is trapped with searing white flames (which do not hurt the good-aligned Viktor, but do hurt Moradin who is lawful neutral). Inside are the remnants of a destroyed tome titled, “Merkallen’s Spiritual Journeys”. From the scraps, we piece together some information: Merkallen was an elf from the realm of Lhathalon who fled to the islands of Rhuul during the Auguran Wars. A savior had come to the elves, clad in mystical metal [Stiehl?], but betrayed them to the demon hordes instead [Stiehl!]. There are mentions of how the “hordes had penetrated the barriers” and the “(elven) elders assembled and unwove the Tapestry”. It seems that this is a description of the fall of Lhathalon. On this island, it appears that Merkallen encounters Jezerah, a holy avatar of Allod (?). Jezerah teaches Allodian prayers to Merkallen and seems to instruct him to build a vault with a basin of blessed water at the headwaters of a nearby creek. There appears to be some other rituals involved, including molding clay into the visage of a man, creating a seal of some kind, and water that restores life and washes away evil. A possible prayer verse: “One God bless us, your forgotten children, and save us from the evil of our creation; lead us to Your grace and guide us with Your wisdom.”

• Also in the ruins were the remains of Merkallen himself (we assume) clutching the Araphm, a holy symbol of Allod. Creed could not pick up the Araphm, but Viktor could.

• Humongous spider- narrowly escape and avoid a TPK.

• Follow the creek up a hill, and find the vault mentioned in the journal and another tough battle with a large spider. In the vault’s entrance, we battled a zombie-like creature covered in tiny spiders.

• We use the Araphm to open the vault door; inside, we find Merkallen’s force golem (whom we dub “Dys”). Dys explains that there were other vaults, all destroyed in an earthquake a year ago. He was trapped here, and was unaware of Merkallen’s fate.

• Inside, we find a clay seal and dissolve it with waters from the basin (this is mentioned in Merkallen’s journal). Behind it, we find the Cup of Life, made of alabaster-colored wood edged in platinum. We attempt to resurrect Merkallen with the cup, but are unsuccessful. Dys, with nowhere else to go, joins us.

• The next day, we find the massive crater with a green glow at the bottom. We decide that it’s too dangerous to explore and spend a few days searching the rest of the island for Pollock and crew without success. We return to the crater and find Pollock’s Medallion; seeing no alternatives we descend into the pit.

• At the bottom, we find a gigantic, pitted boulder, pulsing with an eerie green light (a meteor perhaps?). There also is the lifeless for of Captain Pollock, before we can reach, an eight-eyed man steps out from the boulder and asks if we have come to worship his kind. We battle the man (obviously), along with more giant spider-minions, and manage to survive and revive Pollock with the Cup of Life.

• We theorize that that the island was hit with a meteor sometime last year. The blast caused the crater and knocked down many of the tress on the island. The resulting earthquake destroyed Merkallen’s house and killed him; it also collapsed the vault that trapped Dys, and ruined the other vaults that Dys mentioned. The meteor has some type of radioactive magic that possibly mutated the spiders on the island. The eight-eyed man is a bit of a mystery; possibly a castaway from one the wrecked ships that we looted, also mutated and driven insane by the magic of the meteor.

• We spend several weeks repairing the Albatross, burying our dead crewmates, and gathering what supplies can be had from the island. We set forth again for Verland, and use the iron lamp to summon Myrkyr while at sea. He tells that he can obtain items for us, one at a time, for a price. He states that terms and details, and we decide to request a string of pearls to be used for identify spells. He is due to return with the pearls on Ibernus 25th.

MRL#4 Chaplain
[Nivosus 23 to Ibernus 3, 252 AE]

• The Albatross is again wracked by a storm, this one worse than the last. In the midst of the storm the ship is attacked by the undead corpses of Wry and Stefan – former crewmen. How were these two turned into zombies? And how did they manage to attack us once we out to sea? They were dispatched without much difficulty, but the storm proved to be a much worse enemy. Several of us were swept out to sea, lost and in danger of drowning. It was a very dark hour, and Creed was forced to use the Whiteflame Pendant.

• The pendant summoned a celestial being in the form of a 10’ tall man who announced, “I am Jezerah, Blade of the One God.” He rescued us from the violent seas and vanished.

• We finally arrive at the port city of Gentry, but not to a warm welcome. Pollock warned us about the city, but as we set forth we were quickly approached by a pair of town guards that made it explicitly clear just how strict the local government was. We found that the presence of non-humans in the city was frowned upon (and by “frowned upon” I mean “considered demon-spawn”), making it dangerous for Rykson and Moradin to be seen on the streets. Even worse. Creed was wanted for the murder of a group of Lord Luther’s men. Most distressingly (for a party of intrepid adventurers) was the town’s restriction against carrying weapons!

• Tudor and Viktor went to find Captain Drake of the Guinea, but were soon approached by Nancy, who turned out to be one of Creed’s former parishioners from Silas. She begged for help for another parishioner, Laura, who was severely ill.

• Creed, Tudor, and Viktor followed Nancy to the slums of Riverside, while Moradin and Rykson hid aboard the Albatross at the docks. The trio were assaulted by some street thugs, and dealt out a proper what-for to the gang. They made their way to Laura’s shack and spent the night; Creed cured her the following morning, and was given Laura’s Bracelet as a gift. Nancy offered some information about Lord Luther, including the Hymns of St. Adelphus, on which the local laws are based. She also suggested seeking the help of a man named Eunice.

• Meanwhile, a man came aboard the Albatross, much to the surprise of Moradin and Ryskon. He stated that he was there to make a list of needed repairs; after departing, he apparently expressed concerns to the town guard about a strange man (Moradin) and young boy (Rykson) being on the ship. A contingent of the city watch appeared later in the night, demanding that the dwarf and halfling surrender their weapons and follow the guards willingly (read: under arrest!). Well, obviously, that’s not gonna happen. We fought the guards, but ultimately Moradin was taken into custody, Dys plummeted off the docks to escape, and Rykson fled with Kongo into the streets.

• Moradin was brought to a jailhouse, while Rykson tried to find his way to the Three Piers district, where he believed that me might find the rest of the group, at the Pious Maiden tavern. Along the way, he had to surrender his weapons at a guard tower. He eventually found the inn.

• Viktor, Tudor, and Creed ran into trouble of their own when they were beset by a pair of owlbears. In the ensuing melee, Viktor was split from Creed and Tudor when they were all forced to flee. Viktor and Rykson were reunited at the Maiden, and had an interesting conversation with the man who calls himself Roland. Specifically, he stated, “Be careful of my brothers. Jezerah means well but he is… impetuous. He doesn’t understand the intricacies of mortality. And Dyanys, well, all I can tell you is run… run until your breath is ragged and your legs are numb. Then run some more.” Thankfully, Tudor and Creed found them the next morning.

• Together, they ventured out, hoping to somehow find a way to rescue Moradin. The group secured a donkey and small cart, in which Rykson hid as they traveled through the town. Undoubtedly, the watch would be looking for him. They came across Moradin hiding in an alley, having somehow escaped from his captors. “I swear I didn’t kill them!” was all he would offer for now. Later, we found that Moradin’s escape was aided by a criminal named Sledge, apparently an old ally/mentor of Viktor’s. All that mattered at this point was that we were back together.

• On the way to Eastford, in search of Captain Pollock, the group was instructed that all citizens must are required to witness the public execution of a man accuse of witchcraft. Viktor, Creed, and Tudor went, leaving Rykson and Moradin to remain hidden in the cart.

• At the execution, a madman was to be burned alive on a pyre. As it was lit, he screamed, “Here’s something from my master!” He vanished and was replaced with a huge fire elemental. Outmatched, the three men fled the scene with everyone else.

• We made our way to the Chaste Sailor, or “Chastie’s” were we met Grek, who agreed to let us use his smuggling tunnels to escape the city if we went to the madman’s house and retrieved his valuables (Grek claimed that the man owed him). He also agreed to try and find some of our lost gear (Rykson’s weapons that were given to the town guard and the items that were seized along with the Albatross). Grek gave us a letter from Captain Pollock, stating that associating with us was simply too dangerous from him. As a parting gift, he gave us the Captain’s Medallion.

• While at the inn, we had a chance encounter with a guard named Lucas. He recognized Creed from the wanted posters around town, but did not turn him in because his mother is none other than the recently cured Laura. He thanked Creed, but stated that he owes us nothing more. On another coincidental note, Eli’s widow happens to work at Chastie’s; out of guilt, Creed had the gold spindle sent to her, in the hopes that she will be able to sell it and live a better life.

• The group broke into the house of the madman. We ransacked the place and found little of value; we did find the mutilated corpse of his last victim, however. In the cellar, we found a hidden chamber containing some kind of devil and a wicked shrine. After a tricky battle, we gathered anything of value and returned to Grek.

• Grek made good on his promise, allowing us to use the tunnels beneath his inn to escape. He also found Viktor’s magical boots and Rykson’s lance; all of our other items were lost.

• In the smuggler’s tunnels, we were attacked by an otyugh; another very difficult battle, but we were finally out of the nightmare that was the city of Gentry. We concluded that the smuggler tunnels had not been in use for quite some time (likely due to the otyugh making it’s lair there), and that Grek was hoping we would either die or clean it out for him. Once out under the open sky again, we began to trek north, towards Silas and the the tabernacle.

• The Seekers emerge from the Smugglers’ Tunnels below Gentry, and set upon the path to Silas and Creed’s revelation. Viktor remains behind to “take care of some business”.

• We follow the Vale Road out of Gentry to the north, using protection from elements to ward off the freezing temperatures.

• The group set camp in a clearing of trees off the Vale Road. In the night, we were attacked by the ghosts of the men who slaughtered the villagers in Silas, and who were in turn slaughtered by Creed.

• The ghosts ignored everyone but Creed, who then recognized that this was the very place that he had killed these men. Eli “told” Creed to lay him to rest; we gathered Eli’s remains from the clearing and fled.

• We found a suitable place, and built a makeshift cairn for Eli’s remains. Creed removed the Gauntlets of Eli and gave a eulogy. Eli’s skull was not interred with rest of his remains.

• Tudor donned the Armbands of Elusive Action found in the otyugh’s lair.

• The Seekers reached Silas the next day to find it nearly abandoned. The only remaining inhabitants were the family of Vance & Margaret Kriggl, along with their daughters Mandy & Megan, as well as another young girl whom Vance had rescued after the devastation of the village.

• The family invited us to stay for the night, and we gratefully accepted the offer. Before dawn, the little girl from Silas warned us of approaching horses.

Lord Luther, along with a contingent of soldiers commanded by Darrin, waited outside for the Seekers. Luther challenged Creed to single combat. Creed won.

• Darrin departed with the soldiers and we spent the rest of the day with the Kriggl family. As we rested at the cottage, a man who named himself “Talisman” visited us.

Talisman is the man that awaited us from Creed’s revelation. He stated that we must follow him, and that we took too long to find him…

MRL#5 Incursion
[Ibernus 3 to Ibernus 28, 252 AE]

• The Seekers travel northeast with Talisman, making the trek through the rocky and inhospitable lands of the Eimhir towards the port-town of Norkelm.

• Moradin slept on his watch… again. However, during the night, he witnesses Talisman speaking with a strange Blue Coyote, but is unable to hear any of the conversation.

• The group battles a giant sabre cat during the next day. Talisman stops us from killing the beast; Creed heals the cat, and we move one.

• That night, the Seekers arrive in Norkelm to find the harbor frozen. Talisman instructs us to wait here until the harbor thaws in the spring, at which time we will seek out the dwarven Silverkiln Clan. We are to meet him during the Festival of the Moons at the Tannar House.

• We find the local inn, called the Tannar House. Here, the Seekers meet some of the townsfolk and learn a bit about the town and its recent events.

• Jacob Tannar tells the Seekers about a recent troll attack, and the implication that the Avness Accord has been broken. The treaty, signed 30 years ago by the Troll King Tuvgulk and Lord Luther brought an end to the Troll Skirmishes. The accord designated the lands held by each of the three races involved: Humans would have the lands of the Eimhir, the Fae would stay in the Fable Wood of ul’Fyrnan, and the Trolls would retain the lands further north, with the keep of Vangr’fjel as their capital.

• Ten hardy men pursued the troll raiders, and reported that they had attacked at the behest of a fairy from ul’Fyrnan.

• The Rohk Council, consisting of the proprietor of the Tannar House, Jacob Tannar, local legend Arris Mennes, and Chaplain Cluve of the Chapel of the First Light, agreed to convene the next morning to decide what action to take.

• Arris Mennes told a fantastic tale about having “intimate relations” with the Fey Queen. In retaliation, the Fey King gave Arris to Tuv’gulk, the Troll King at the time, where he was held captive in a dungeon. Arris claims that Tuv’gulk himself gave him the means to escape by using the Amethyst Pendant to pass through a portal leading to Norkelm.

• At the conclusion of Arris’s tale, the Seekers were alerted to another troll attack at the edge of town. Two trolls, infected with a slimy orange fungus, were attacking the cottage of Svorn, an (and senile) man. The Seekers dispatched the trolls. After the battle, the party convinced Svorn to seek safety at the Tannar House while they mended his chicken coop. That’s not a euphemism, we actually fixed the damn coop. He wouldn’t shut up about it.

• The party found that Svorn was a veteran of the Troll Skirmishes and determined that the attack on his house was not random, as the trolls had bypassed other targets. While he was gone, we “investigated” inside his cottage and found the Onyx Sword, clearly a spoil of war. Deciding that the trolls may have been looking for it, the party felt it would be best to hold on to it for safekeeping. For Svorn’s own protection, really.

• The Rohk Council met as planned, and the Seekers eventually volunteered to find the Fey Queen to gather information about why the trolls may have broken the peace. Chaplain Cluve offered a number of magical potions to aid us on the journey.

• Guided by Arris, the party travels to the ul’Fyrnan (Fable Wood) and is met by the Fey Queen’s warriors, known as Thorns, who lead the rest of the way to the Verdant Meadow. As we apart ways, Arris offers the Amethyst Pendant, as a means to return to Norkelm.

• After another encounter with infected trolls, the Seekers arrived in the Verdant Meadow and met with Rowan, the Fey Queen’s paramour. From him, as well as Blackthorn, the Thorn commander, and their Thorn guides the party learned some key information: the normally peaceful trolls had been poisoned and were under the control of the Troll King’s younger son, Skraal (who was in league with nhir’gan). Skraal plans to invade human lands, breaking the Avness Accord, and has kidnapped the Fey Queen. Also, Prince Magrilg, the older son of the Troll King sought refuge in the Verdant Meadow.

• Rowan, despite his clear disdain for the Seekers, agreed to close off the Fable Wood to the trolls in return for our assistance in rescuing the Queen and using the Fey Powder to purify the troll’s water supply, thus curing them of their affliction.

• Magrilg agreed to guide the party to another portal that would lead to Vangr’fjel, the troll capital, on the northwest coast of Verland. After physically restraining an enchanted Rykson (who did not want to leave the meadow), the Seekers took flight on giant owls to the troll lands.

• The owls dropped the party just past the Kaervaag Plateau, and the group faced a running battle across the Arboath, upriver to Wyspr Falls.

• Here, the party encountered a giant whom Magrilg called “Mountain”. In their need to get past the massive guardian, the group presented him with the Onyx Sword. This seemed to bridge the gap in communication and convince Mountain that we were going to help the Troll King. In fact, his reaction led the party to believe that the sword was much more important than a random spoil of war.

• Mountain led the group to the Troll Gate in a cave beneath the falls, and returned the sword. As we traveled through the gate to Vangr’fjel, we heard the sound of laughing… very disconcerting.

• Tudor, Creed, Rykson, and Moradin exited the portal into small dimly lit chamber, beneath the castle at Vangr’fjel. In the chamber was the body of Sledge, the man who had helped Moradin escape from the jail in Gentry, and Viktor, tortured and in chain, but alive.

• While having his wounds tended, Viktor told his tale. When he went back to Gentry, Viktor found and Sledge and together they set their sights on Grek, proprietor of the Chaste Sailor.

• Grek, like Skraal, was also in league with the Nhir’gan. Grek murdered the man who was to replace Luther as mayor, a position that Grek intended to secure for himself, after Skraal invaded the city! Viktor and Sledge were captured, tortured, and taken to Vangr’fjel, where Sledge sadly met his demise.

• Compelled by Rowan’s geas, the reunited group ventured deeper into the caverns.

• Following a faint “clacking” noise, the Seekers found a long room filled with statues of former Troll Kings. At the near of the hall, an ancient troll was carefully at work on a new statue- of Skraal. The group attempted to communicate with him, but hee was intent on his work and generally unresponsive.

• The far end of the hall had another exit into the tunnels, but also contained a set of drapes made of flesh. They were trapped- as the group attempted to move them aside, a set of huge black tentacles shot out and grappled with several party members. At the same time, a number of large wolves moved into the hall and beset the group. The battle was over fairly quickly, as the party destroyed the wolves, and then the drapes themselves.

• Behind the drapes was a small chamber holding a few crude tables, filled with viscera from some foul ritual. Among the detritus, they also found the Dagger of Geebs, which had been recovered from the madman’s house in Gentry and given to Grek, as well as a few arcane scrolls- one was trapped, and the others contained slow and lightning bolt spells. Another item of note was a tanned piece of human flesh, on which was written “Makuul will lead us to victory and everyone will be enslaved.”

• The party continued to explore the caverns, fighting wolves and finding a cesspit chamber into which Viktor had witnessed Grilzt toss the Cup of Life and the Araphm. While resting in a chamber holding a giant life-mechanism, Rykson glimpsed Grilzt, the villainous Nhir’gan behind the plots to put Skraal in power and attacks on the cities of Gentry and Norkelm. The group moved to the Ovum chamber to escape notice.

• After resting, the group followed more tunnels, which led to a running battle against wolves and trolls. During this fight, the Seekers found Gwyneth, the Fey Queen, and narrowly escaped to the sanctuary of the castle proper above.

• In the throne room, the party noticed a relief on the wall of a dwarf, in armor bearing the hammer-symbol of Orohk, who appeared to be presenting a silver box to a troll king, seemed to be refusing the gift. A later search revealed a secret compartment in the throne, which held a silver pendant and a chestplate etched with the Hammer of Orohk.

• Upon further exploration, the group found an outdoor balcony overlooking the sea. Here, Gwyneth asked to be left, so that she could wait for air-rescue by more giant owls. Reluctantly, the Seekers obeyed her command.

• Upstairs was a large, black stone arch- which may have been another Troll Gate. But, the group could not discern how to activate it. Beyond that was the Troll King’s personal chambers and vault. Here the group found some books and, inside the vault, the rod of many gems, gray stone ring, an exotic wood harp, and 1,700gp.

• A secret door in the king’s chambers led outside to a narrow ledge that wound up to a summit. Rykson crawled along the ledge and found a chamber at the top. Here was King Tuvgulk, broken and near death. He was concerned about the Fey Queen, but Rykson assured him that she was safe, as was his heir, Magrilg.

• Tuvgulk requested that Rykson slay him with the Onyx Sword. With his blood upon it, the sword could be used to kill the powerful Skraal, who was impervious to most attacks.

• After the deed was done, the group accessed a secret passage in the fireplace in the king’s chambers, which led to a valley holding the springs which served as the troll’s water supply.

• The party rested and continued on, only to be attacked by plant creatures before reaching the springs. It was a tough battle, but the Seekers were victorious. They emptied the Fey Powder into the springs and fled before the troll guards could stop them.

• They returned to check on Gwyneth, and told her that they still had business in the caverns below. The Fey Queen offered to wait for them, but would not wait indefinitely.

• Intending to find/capture/kill Grilzt or find the Araphm and Cup of Life, the party returned to the barred doors in the throne room. Outside the door, they found Mountain, asleep, amidst the bodies of the trolls and wolves that had chased the group into the fortress. He explained that Magrilg had asked him to go through the portal to Vangr’fjel and help us.

• In a pile of refuse to the side of the courtyard, the party found some mundane gear (such as clothes for the nearly naked Viktor), a +1 chain shirt, and a +1 dagger.

• The Seekers then returned to the cesspit room, where Viktor had witnessed Grilzt toss a bundle containing the Araphm and Cup of Life.

• Looking into the pit, only Rykson had the intestinal fortitude to be lowered into the pit to search for the lost items. He finds them, but not before being set upon by rot grubs. Creed kills the parasites, but not before Rykson takes some serious damage.

• Unable to locate Grilzt, the Seekers return to Queen Gwyneth, who is thankfully still awaiting their return. Together, they mount the giant owls once again. The Queen heads to the Verdant Meadow, but the Seekers are taken to Gentry- to stop the troll invasion led by Skraal.

• Back in Gentry, destruction is everywhere. Bodies litter the streets while buildings burn and the harbor fills with refugees aboard seafaring ships and fishing skiffs alike. The party heads to Eastford and the Chaste Sailor- in search of the villainous Grek.

• More bodies are found inside the tavern, including the body of Grek, with a human heart clutched in his cold, dead hand. However, he has transferred his consciousness into the body of the force golem, Dys.

• A short battle with Dys/Grek ensued and the Seekers easily overcame him, ending Grek’s life once and for all. A quick search revealed all of Viktor’s missing gear, as well as a nice haul of 3,400gp. Afterwards, the party decided to rest in a nearby, abandoned building.

• The following morning, the party plodded their way to the other side of Gentry, where the last vestiges of the citizens of Gentry held back the invading troll army.

• At a makeshift barricade, they met Eunice (blasting trolls with magic, no less). After discussing the situation, the Seekers volunteered to command a handful of troops to hold back the army while the remaining townspeople fled to the sea.

• Each Seeker took a squad of five guardsmen and positioned themselves on the barricade to meet the oncoming horde, led by the invulnerable Skraal.

• A deadly battle ensued, with a number of soldiers being killed by the trolls; in the end, the Seekers held their ground. Using a brilliant tactic devised by Tudor, the Seekers and soldiers surrounded Skraal and combined their efforts into a single attack by Moradin. With a strike from the Onyx Sword, bathed in the blood of the Troll King, Skraal was turned to stone. Upon seeing their leader incapacitated in such a way, the rest of the trolls fled. Gentry was saved, but at great cost. Creed was felled by Skraal, and lay dead on the battlefield.

• Some quick thinking by the Seekers led to his resurrection, however. They filled the Cup of Life with the last of the water taken from the basin on Spider Island. This blessed water returned the chaplain to life.

• After a round of thankful words from the people of Gentry, the party found their way to the portal that Grilzt had used to take Viktor to the caverns of Vangr’fjel. Using the Amethyst Pendant, they activated the portal and stepped through, arriving outside of Norkelm on the other side.

• The Rohk Council greeted the Seekers in Norkelm, and held a celebration in their honor. In addition, they were offered lodging through the winter, while they awaited the spring thaw and the return of Talisman.

• Never willing to sit back on their heels, the group decided that they would travel to the city of Dunkeld, in search of some much needed equipment upgrades. They enlisted the help of Arris Mennes to guide them to the city and back. However, they must return before the Festival of the Moons to rendezvous with Talisman…

MRL#6 Revelations
[Orbus 2 to Orbus 9, 253 AE]

• The Seekers depart from Norkelm, guided by Arris Mennes, with several teams of sled dogs – Kongo “takes an interest” in some of the females.

• The day-long journey through the North Vales to Silas is uneventful. The Seekers plan to check in on the Kriggl family, the only remaining inhabitants of the tiny village. However, their modest cottage is abandoned, apparently in haste, as there is a half-eaten meal still at the table.

• Creed heads to Tabernacle to pay his respects and gets attacked by an unusual type of black pudding [according to Tudor’s Knowledge (Dungeoneering) check]; it was white in color and blended in exceptionally well with the snow. Battle highlight: Creed uses the rod of many wonders to summon a cloud of butterflies.

• We find bones of what we believe to be the Kriggls in the black pudding. The party mourns the loss of the friendly family, as Creed blesses the remains.

• The Seekers spend the night in the cottage, and Viktor picks the family lock box to find 18 gp, 94 sp, 40 cp and a bottle of perfume that looks very familiar… Viktor leaves the copper.

• We depart the next day, Arris stops because he finds the tracks of a child leading into a tree line. Creed recognizes this as the grove where the ghosts of Luther’s Twelve reside, and there we find the quiet little girl – Gretchen – that the Kriggl’s had taken in. She says that she trying to help the ghosts, and stops the group and “Mr. Jeremiah” from fighting. The ghost is oddly protective of the little girl.

• Creed and the little girl sing “Jesus Loves Me”… I mean, they sing “Fourth Chord of Iynmar” which releases Jeremiah’s spirit. Before departing, the spirit leaves the ghost blade behind as gift to Creed. Viktor, without a proper weapon since losing the black sword, takes the weapon.

• The party set up camp in the clearing, then sent Arris and Gretchen back to Norkelm. We give Arris 200 sp, and ask that he arrange for the girl to stay with Jakob Tannar, as we know that the good-hearted innkeeper will care well for her.

• We have a lot of time to wait for Arris’s return, so we have a snowball fight. Rykson tries to throw the first snowball, but falls flat on his face.

• Two trappers enter the clearing the next day; we quickly discover that they are undead, and one can cast spells. Tudor destroys one with a magic missile, and the other, called “Terek”, with a lesser orb of acid. We recover the heart of Terek.

• When Arris returns, the group continues on to the ruins of Gentry. We stop there to investigate the Church of St. Adelphus, in the hopes of finding his tomb, just as we had found the tomb of his brother. Orik the Just, on the isle of Ganyss.

• While searching inside the dilapidated church, Miliel (AKA “Roland”) makes a sudden appearance. He explains to the Seekers that his brother, Dyanys may come forth to destroy the world in a fury of vengeance. He tells us, “Once the four revelations come to pass, he will be forced to release his brother on Dunkeld”. The four revelations are:
1. “The sea succumbs to death.”
2. “The earth weeps blood.”
3. “The dead no longer perish.”
4. “The day turns to night.”

• After the pleasant and uplifting conversation with the enigmatic Miliel, the group continues the search. The crypt of Adelphus the Pure is in the graveyard on the church grounds.

• Inside the crypt, Creed, Rykson, Moradin and Viktor try to open a sarcophagus, but even together they are not strong enough. Tudor steps up and does it by himself (no magic). The sarcophagus does not contain the remains of Adelphus, or his shield, but we do find a copy of the Hymns of St. Adelphus, a rare tome. Rykson adds it to his small collection of books.

• We find a secret entrance to an underground tomb when Rykson & Viktor pull torch sconces… opening a door to long a marble hallway.

• Inside we find several sets of stairs going down and up; we manage to circumvent a poisonous gas trap with a bit of difficulty, and eventually find the tomb proper, which features a mural of the mighty dracolich Mar’zacomotl searching the Valley of Bones for the Raiders of the Tuskan Horn.

• The party finds the real sarcophagus of Adelphus, and his magic shield. Creed takes the shield, finally regaining some of the protection that he lost when his shield and armor were lost with the Albatross in the harbor of Gentry.

• Upon exiting the crypt, the Seekers are attacked by an insane priest of Adelphus. He assaults the group, screaming accusations of tomb-raiding and sacrilege. We cannot deny our guilt, but leave the man sputtering and impotently enraged in the wake of our righteous quest.

• In Gentry, we spend an uneventful night at the Isaac Inn, which is still largely intact after the Siege of Dunkeld by the troll-horde of Skraal.

• In the morning, the Seekers make haste to Dunkeld, fueled by the dire warnings of Miliel. Unfortunately, the trek is halted by a freezing ice storm; Arris referred to the sudden blizzard as “death hail”.

• To shelter themselves from the vicious storm, the group hid in a large cave… after ridding it of the previous inhabitants: a group of three large ice toads.

• After waiting out the death hail, the party continues to arrive in Dunkeld the next day. We go to the Anvil Inn, in the Hub District outside the walls of the inner city, to arrange for room and board. The Hub District has been flooded with Gentry refugees.

• At the inn, we find out that we’re heroes… or, at least Viktor is. A man spots us and excitedly introduces himself to “Lord Viktor” as Farris of the “Invincible Legion”. A minstrel sings the “Ballad of the Invincible Legion” and the innkeeper, Sig, gives us rooms and baths for free… Moradin refuses the bath, much to the chagrin of everyone.

• During a night of revelry, Viktor gathers information to find out that: we need iron tokens to get into the inner city; the “Prophet” was executed as a heretic, after sermonizing that commoners are equal to the “highbloods”; The king of Dunkeld, Marcan, has a twin sister named Mhari; and, most intriguingly, the Prophet is Captain Pollock!

• Sig sets up a meeting with “The Deacon”, who was in a group that followed the Prophet. After speaking to the Deacon, who tells us a bit more of the goings-on in the city, we get into a little scuffle with a gang of ruffians. We return to the Anvil Inn and are greeted by six iron knights, who deliver invitations as honored guests at a gala at the Citadel; they also give us iron tokens so that we can gain access to the city.

• The following day, we put in orders for gear with various craftsmen: Brogan’s Forge, Thomas the Fletcher, and Tolder’s Wondrous Emporium.

• Before the celebration, we finally get Moradin to bathe. We all purchase courtier’s outfits, and Rykson buys a silver-studded collar for Kongo. Nobody in the party doubts that Kongo will be allowed into the Citadel… among royalty.

• At the ball, Marcan gives an inspiring, but somewhat enigmatic, speech about the utopia-like city of Dunkeld. We find that he has a strong sense of fairness, but that a bit of hypocrisy lies beneath his words – the Prophet was executed for doing no more than speaking, while halfings are kept as a second-class caste of servants to the wealthy.

• That night, we stay at the Crown & Scepter Inn, perhaps the finest lodging that we have enjoyed since before our adventures began. Moradin, Rykson and Tudor all attempt the inn’s famous ale-drinking challenge. The stout Moradin stomachs less than two tankards before becoming roaring drunk, while Tudor impressively finishes almost four of the potent brews. To everyone’s surprise, Rykson finishes all five ales, winning the Tankard of Pride, which is emblazoned with the words, “I Drank All Five & Am Still Alive”. Despite his inebriation (or perhaps because of it), Tudor is led to his room by the comely innkeeper, Talia, who (he later claims) “wanted to give him some special attention… bah-chica-bow-wow”. The rest of the party suspects that she just wanted to make sure that he did not vomit in the bed.

• In the morning, we awaken to find that Miliel’s omens have begun… the city reeks of fish, and we discover that a massive amount of dead sea creatures have washed upon the shore of the harbor. The citizenry is rightfully panicked.

• Not sure of how to proceed, the group rushes back to the Anvil Inn to collect gear and prepare for whatever may come next. It’s not long before we find that the “earth weeps blood”. Sig warns the party of blood oozing out of the ground; we go outside to witness blood ooze killing a woman. We attack, but tuck tail and flee after realizing that it was going to probably kill some or all of us (Eli screams a warning of its’ power to Creed). The Seekers do not like to retreat.

• An iron knight runs to us and beckons us to come to the Citadel at the request of the King. We quickly run through the streets, filled with the chaos of panic and terror, to the Citadel. We meet with King Marcan and his sister, Mhari, who tells us their tale. They are the last surviving Cambrians, an ancient and advanced society that was destroyed by their own hubris. A select few managed to survive the destruction by the grace of Allod. Marcan and Mhari are now the last of the survivors, and have managed to maintain their relative youth by drinking from a well filled with waters blessed by Allod.

• Marcan worried that the Prophet would bring doom to the city, with what he believed to be false words of Allod. And, so, he demanded the Prophet’s execution. In a twist of bitter irony, it appears that the execution has brought the very doom that Marcan wished to stop.

• Fortunately, Mhari is wiser than her foolish brother, and has devised a way to stop the omens and the coming of Dyanys. She tells the Seekers that they must travel to Oblivion and bring the Prophet back from death. She believes that this will appease the mighty Allod and save the city, perhaps even save the world from annihilation.

• The Seekers of the Shattered Isle accept the task. Mhari performs her ritual and, in a flash, the brave heroes are sent…

MRL#7 Oblivion
[Orbus 10, 253 AE]

• Death
• Mayhem
• Loss
• A Cave
• Death
• A Tree
• Mayhem
• A Hill
• A Volcano
• A Pit
• More Death
• Victory

MRL#8 Erobyss
[Caligus 5 to Caligus 25, 253 AE]

Caligus 13th
1. We wake in Rope Trick and head to orchard to talk to Morax
2. We find the Treant speaking to Morax, who has turned into a badger again
3. We approach with all weapons sheathed and Morax turns back into a human
4. We speak with Morax and ask him how to get to the dragon’s lair
5. Morax knows a front entrance and a back entrance – states that front entrance goes through a swamp that has more dangerous things than the dragon
6. We ask Morax to lead us using the way that avoids the swamp
7. Morax falls asleep for a moment before we leave
8. Morax leads us to a 1,500’ mountain that’s made of petrified wood – the Stump
9. We camp in a Rope Trick – Morax turns into a badger and burrows for a sleeping place
Caligus 14th
1. We investigate the cave entrance looking for signs of passage and enter after finding none
2. Eli is our sole light source through the cave
3. We emerge from the cave into a moss-covered cavern
4. Rykson spots some sort of mossy creature – it’s similar to a treant but is more ancient
5. Tudor casts Comprehend Languages and peacefully approaches the creature to touch it (and thus setting off the spell)
6. Tudor attempts a diplomacy check, but isn’t very diplomatic and gets smacked upside the head as a reward
7. Rykson tries diplomacy too, but fails
8. Tudor tries speaking to the creature in every language he knows, but the creature doesn’t understand him
9. The ground comes alive and entangles those failing a reflex save, which was only Kongo this time
10. Creed casts Freedom of Movement on Moradin
11. Rykson untangles Kongo
12. Moradin charges the moss-creature while yelling, “Stupid tree!” – he expends his focus and hits the creature with his axe
13. The creature reaches out to Rykson, Rykson lets the moss-creature touch him – it begs for Moradin to stop and Rykson tells Moradin to stop
14. The moss-creature is obviously injured and tells us that it needs to get to the waters to heal
15. The moss-creature explains that the World Tree gave its lifeforce for the world
16. We travel 1 hour on a slight incline (which Moradin noticed) and arrive at a huge lake
17. Moss-creature heals in the water
18. The lake is so beautiful that we camp at lake side instead of in a Rope Trick

Caligus 15th
1. Tudor summons a Phantasmal Steed
2. Creed casts water walk on the party because the ledge around the lake is very narrow
3. Creed has to recast Water Walk about halfway across the lake
4. Suddenly, the water erupts and 3 16’ tall water elementals ambush us
5. One misses Rykson, another kills Tudor’s Phantom Steed and the third hits Tudor
6. Rykson hits water elemental #1
7. Tudor summons a Celestial Sea Cat and it does a LOT of damage to water elemental #2
8. Moradin charges water elemental #1 and hits but gets crit with an attack of opportunity
9. Water elemental #3 flanks Rykson and hits Kongo
10. Water elemental #2 hits the celestial sea cat
11. Creed heals Tudor and then covers his flank
12. Rykson hits water elemental #1 with Oathkeeper, Kongo hits water elemental #3
13. Viktor shoots at water elemental #3
14. Tudor casts haste on the group, the celestial sea cat kills water elemental #1 and then hits water elemental #2 twice
15. Moradin hits water elemental #3 3 times
16. Water elemental #3 gets hit by attacks of opportunity from Rykson and Kongo as it submerges to start a vortex
17. Vortex catches Rykson, Kongo and Moradin – Rykson and Kongo each make their saves, but are knocked prone; Moradin takes damage from the vortex
18. Creed grabs and prepares to throw a rope
19. Celestial Sea Cat hits water elemental #2 and Tudor casts Benign Transposition on celestial sea cat and Moradin
20. Moradin Kills water elemental #2
21. Rykson gets out of vortex, but Kongo just misses getting out
22. Tudor casts Benign Transposition on Kongo and celestial sea cat
23. Water elemental #3 flees
24. Creed casts Water Walk another time before we can get to lake’s edge
25. Viktor spots a cave entrance, climbs up to it and lowers a rope
26. Creed heals Kongo
27. We travel down the cave until we come to a chamber with a very long shaft in the floor
28. Rykson determines that shaft is about 1,000 feet deep
29. We rest in a Rope Trick
Caligus 16th
1. Creed casts water walk on everyone
2. Tudor polymorphs Creed, Rykson, Moradin and himself into owls and Kongo into a hamster
3. We fly down the shaft and find a lake
4. We hear a waterfall and head towards it
5. We find an atoll full of gold – Tudor turns invisible
6. Suddenly, a large black dragon appears and says, “My mother said you would come. Mortal greed knows no bounds. First you killed my brother, too bad for you, he was my little brother!”
7. Moradin and Rykson are so frightened by the dragon’s presence that they soil their armor just a little bit
8. Viktor shoots at the dragon and misses
9. Moradin attacks and misses
10. Rykson attacks and misses
11. Tudor summons a celestial griffon, which successfully smites the dragon – dragon can be heard sinisterly whispering, “Mage”
12. Creed casts Mass Acid Resistance
13. Dragon breaths acid on Creed, Rykson, Kongo and Moradin
14. Tudor summons a celestial hippogriff, both it and celestial griffon attack – griffon crits
15. Creed casts Remove Fear
16. Moradin uses Endless Insults and Knight’s Challenge before giving the dragon a dirty look – nothing happens
17. Rykson charges and misses in dramatic style
18. Dragon dives and is hit by attacks of opportunity from both the Celestial Griffon and Rykson
19. Tudor casts Mirror Image
20. Creed casts Blessed Aim on Moradin, in case Moradin uses the dragon-slaying arrow
21. Dragon resurfaces and bites Creed
22. Rykson charges and misses
23. Celestial griffon fumbles, hippogriff crits and Tudor casts Magic Missile
24. Creed withdraws from dragon
25. Viktor misses
26. Moradin charges and misses
27. Dragon drops Rykson, party freaks out thinking Rykson dead
28. Tudor casts lightning bolt (dragon saves) and celestial griffon gets 2 hits
29. Viktor moves away
30. Moradin misses
31. Creed invokes Sanctuary and heals Rykson
32. Dragon breathes acid on Moradin, Rykson, Creed, Viktor and Kongo – Moradin fails save
33. Tudor casts Magic Missile, celestial griffon and hippogriff both hit dragon
34. Moradin hits dragon
35. Dragon hits Tudor after Tudor failed to hit it with an extremely rare attack of opportunity
36. Tudor hits dragon with 2 Scorching Rays (and is very happy about it), hippogriff hits dragon
37. Moradin kills dragon with dirty look…a Freaking. Dirty. Look.
38. Dragon screams for its mother as it dies
39. We spend 6 hours collecting treasure including:
a. Timeran’s Staff
b. 4,000 GP
c. Bull’s Eye lantern
d. Masterwork light flail
e. 6 rubies
f. Black pearl
g. Blue diamond
h. Scroll with Detect Undead, Jump and Resist Energy
i. Vial of Spider Climb
j. Vial of Owl’s Wisdom and
k. Small leather armor (magical item)

Caligus 17

1. Tudor identifies staff and armor
2. Search last atoll island after Creed erects (hehe) a magical bridge – find 2,200 GP, Half-Plate, 2 emeralds, Small platinum and sapphire picture frame
3. Tudor polymorphs into a griffon, flies around looking for an exit, doesn’t find one
4. Tudor polymorphs into a dolphin, swims around looking for an exit, doesn’t find one
5. Creed mentions that Tudor should summon his Phantom Steed and go look again – the obvious idea- it worked (distracted wizards, sheesh!)
6. Water flowing out of cavern was very cold and length of the tunnel was unknown

Caligus 18

1. Creed, Tudor and Rykson cast Endure Elements on the whole party
2. Creed casts Water Breathing on the whole party
3. Just as we made it out, we hear a section of the ceiling in the cavern collapse –it’s Momma Dragon – we’re on her revenge list now
4. We travel through the tunnel for an hour before coming to an exit into the swamp that Morax said has worse things than dragons
5. We get the hell outta dodge – we head west through the woods and to the shore
6. Tudor blows the Silver Whistle, calling the Leviathan
7. We board the Leviathan and as it’s submerging, Momma Dragon attacks, giving the Leviathan quite a shake, but we still managed to get away
Tudor scribes the 3 spells into his spellbook and the Seekers travel for 6 days in the Leviathan back to Dunkeld.

Caligus 24
1. We meet with Graeben and give him the box containing his father’s book and Tudor returns the Silver Whistle
2. Seekers live it up – Tudor hooks up with Talia in luxury while the rest hang out on the wrong side of the wall
Caligus 25
1. Tudor gives the Heart of Terek to Talia – he wouldn’t promise her his heart, but it didn’t seem proper to not leave some memory of himself behind
2. We meet up with Aris
3. Viktor tells the party that he’s done adventuring – the Nergin episode really stuck with him, but he may see us again someday in Throne
Aris guides us back to Norkelm – a three-day journey without incident

MRL#9 Silverkiln
[Caligus 26 to Pluras 13, 253 AE]

Caligus 28
1. We arrive at the Tanner House and check in on Gretchen
2. Jacob Tanner and his wife adopted Gretchen and were very good to her
3. Creed shares a bottle of Dunkeld whiskey with the inn’s patrons
4. Rykson asks around for someone with artistic talent and hears that the crazy old man, Svorn, has some talent

Pluras 1
1. We summon Myrkyr and order Eyes of the Eagle for Rykson – it costs us 3,600 GP
2. We chat with Myrkyr for a bit, but there’s a huge understanding/age/mortality gap that makes conversation difficult – Myrkyr doesn’t chat long
3. We order 7 Seeker emblems
4. Rykson and Tudor go to Svorn’s house and Rykson gets him to agree to do a picture of the Tanner family with Gretchen that he could put in the fancy frame (a fairly heart-warming moment once I realized what Rykson was doing)

Pluras 2 – The Festival of Moons
1. We notice that the first ship getting into the harbor is a very large, very nice ship called the Duchess Yorra
2. Tanner tells us that there’s a huge savage on board the ship – he’s 21 hands tall (about 7’)
3. At about midnight, Fennip, Captain of the Duchess Yorra and 3 guards approach us and tells us that we are being summoned by “His Captain, Lavine”
4. We convene and agree to go meet with Captain Lavine and go to the ship with them…in a row boat…across water
5. We meet with Captain Lavine and the impressive, 21-hand Sabat – they tell us that they bear news of The Talisman: that he’s missing and he had given previous word of what to do in case he went missing – take us to Oskmul Cairn – Home of Silverkiln Clan. Home of Thuk (I know I missed something here, but I didn’t want to ask a third time)
We sail for 3 days (Imber 3-5) aboard the Duchess Yorra. It’s a truly fine ship.
Pluras 3
1. Tudor tries to learn navigation from the ship’s navigator – will take as a skill in the future
2. Moradin nonchalantly mentions “Blue Coyote” during discussions with Sabat about The Talisman – Sabat looks surprised and explains that Blue Coyote is a totem spirit for the Great Owl Tribe

Pluras 4
1. Moradin gathers information – he got everyone’s life story, every bad act they’ve ever done and every rumor they’ve ever heard (Nat 20) – he learned:
a. Don’t eat the soup
b. Nergin are at the pass of Montour
c. Nergin sorcery destroyed Egremont
d. Sabbat is a Nord Totem Warrior
e. Nergin building submarines
f. Earl calling Dukes to Throne for emergency meeting

Pluras 5
1. We arrive at Sand Harbor – Duchess Yorra stops about 1.5 miles out from shore, this time we walks ourselves to shore with aid of some magic
2. As we walk across the mud, the ground starts to shake
3. Tudor casts Mirror Image
4. Huge worm bursts forth from the ground and grabs Moradin with its mouth
5. Tudor summons 3 lantern archons, which hit the worm with light rays twice each
6. Moradin tries to think mean thoughts, but can’t maintain his concentration
7. Creed tries to cast Create Food and Water in the worm’s mouth to make it think it swallowed Moradin, but he missed
8. The worm swallows Moradin, who returns some of the damage with his blood charm
9. Rykson charges and nails the worm
10. Tudor summons a Celestial Brown Bear, the bear and archons all hit with all attacks
11. Moradin Mind Thrusts from inside the worm
12. Rykson takes charge of the fight, charges in and smacks down the worm
13. We dig Moradin out of the worm
14. We continue on to Sandpoint – a little crabbing village on hard times
15. The villagers are broken-spirited and afraid of us, so we try to convince them that we are the good guys and offer to do something nice
16. The villagers want us to kill the mud worm, good thing for us, we already did – we take Brody out to the dead worm’s body so that he can testify to the truth of it – he uses a tooth for proof
17. They’re still afraid, so we offer to do more – Brody leads us to his aunt, who is cancerous, Creed comforts her, but has to pray for the proper spells to cure her
18. Creed shares another bottle of Dunkeld Whiskey with the crowd and speaks of Iynmar while they are so down and drunk
19. Villagers explain that the Scarlett Warriors had offered to kill the worm for all their money – they took the money and left
20. Villagers tell of a ferryman that we’d have to use to cross a lake on the way to Oskmul Cairn
21. Villagers say that the dwarves poisoned the lake – Moradin manages to hold his tongue

Pluras 6
1. Moradin realizes that Brody is acting shady (good job, TRon, because I didn’t hear how you did it)
2. Rykson and Tudor follow Brody’s tracks to the woods, to a point where there were multiple booted tracks
3. Creed casts Cure Disease on Brody’s aunt – she gets better but isn’t cured
4. Brody, after some convincing, tells us that he’s supposed to lead us to an ambush that the Scarlett Warriors set for us
5. Brody leads us close to the ambush point and then we send him back to the village
6. Rykson finds one of the bandits lying in ambush
7. Tudor casts Cloudkill in the area of the bandits
8. It was a massacre
9. Moradin protested Tudor’s use of Cloudkill initially but lost his moral high ground when he shot a bandit that was giving up
10. We capture one of the bandits and find out that they were just sellswords working for Habib, who died with his twin brother and younger brother in the Cloudkill
11. The brothers had a spell book, Ring of Protection +2, potion of invisibility, Broach of Shielding
12. We head back to Sandpoint

MRL#10 Horde
[Pluras 13th to Mittos 15, 253 AE]

Pluras 13th

Leave Sandpoint to rescue the villagers – Travel 2 days

Pluras 15th

Following wagon and strange insect tracks. Encounter an empty wagon in which are three bodies (two women and one male child) – their throats had been cut and left for dead a couple days. Fenris speaks with a frog to find out which way the nhir’gan went. Chief, Fenris’s animal companion, picks up a scent and the Seekers follow.

Pluras 16th

Locate a large red tent with wagons and lots of movement. There are roughly 50 nhir’gan and the Seekers decide to ambush a scouting party. The Seekers kill the nhir’gan and release their slaves – two orcs, one goblin, and a human female. Another wagon arrives, but a nhir’gan is kept alive. He explains that they are gathering slaves for a sacrificial event known as the as’moah and says to go south to avoid the dangers of the Hunga.

Pluras 17th

Heading south, hear a cry for help and find a nhir’gan being attacks by flying insect creatures. Save the nhirg’an – his name is Gnash. He offers the Seekers protection and takes them to his village. Gnash provides useful information and Moradin spends quality time on the chamber pot. Gnash protects the Seekers from a mob of nhir’ghan warriors and shamans, claiming j’yhat. One of the shamans is Grilzt, who previously tortured Viktor.

Pluras 18th

Encounter nhir’gan pilgrims and take their cloaks as a disguise while crossing their hostile land. They notify a patrol of our presence and, after a brief battle, they say the Seeress seeks an audience with us. Another patrol arrives later and confirms that we are the ones the Seeress is looking for.

Pluras 19th

Continue west and view a nhir’gan city of at least 50,000 inhabitants. Meet Persephia, a princess of Lhathalon and the mother of Blood Lord Ga’ddar. She explains that the Seekers are linked to her son and that the Tapestry weaves around us. Her father sent her to Rhuul when the Abyssal Legions overran her homeland. She reads Viktor’s fate and explains that he is a descendent of the Battle Earl and elven nobility. She gives Viktor a sacred sword but makes the Seekers swear an oath to never harm her son. Fenris declines and flees. Persephia says since Fenris fled the rest of the party must die, but allows Viktor to find Fenris and explain the situation. Fenris returns and Viktor finds out that the cairngorn (the tribal toem of Fenris’ tribe) is likely in the Blood Well.

Pluras 20th

Arrive in a gorge filled with thousands of nhir’gan pilgrims. Locate a partially buried ship that turns out to be the legendary Ice Arrow and the Blood Well. Fenris goes down into the well and gets blown up. The Seekers do some quick talking to avoid being mobbed, recover what is left of Fenris and his possessions, then escape into the woods, summoning Myrkyr to retrieve a scroll of resurrection.


We spend the entire month hiding in the Gray Wood with Tudor’s corpse, awaiting the return of Myrkyr.

Mittos 1st

Creed casts the complicated resurrection scroll and is successful. Tudor is restored to life.

Mittos 2nd-3rd

The Seekers prepare for travel.

Mittos 4: Gray Wood
Mittos 5: Thorn Pine
Mittos 6: Mun’Tor – Mission to Abduct Seeress
Mittos 7: Gray Wood – River Travel
Mittos 8: Crallak Plains – Seeress Compound
Mittos 9-11: Crallak Plains – Abduct Seeress
Mittos 12-14: Gray Wood – Rest, Healing & Message to Captain Levine
Mittos 15: Duchess Yorra – At Sea

MRL#11 Apprentice
[Mittos 16 to Mittos 18, 253 AE]

Mittos 16: At Sea – Disable the Vengeance
Mittos 17: At Sea – Undead Attack & Sight Tentacle Island
Mittos 18: Tower of Zhagros – Escape through Tapestry

MRL#12 Tapestry
[Mittos 19 to Mittos 26, 253 AE]

Mittos 19: Desert World – Temple of Shul-zhai
Mittos 20: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 21: City of Gai Sheng – Meet First Minister [Viktor “meets” Lady Tay]
Mittos 22: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 23: Niobe Desert – Azza Seep
Mittos 24: Niobe Desert – Travel
Mittos 25: Niobe Desert – Battle Apocalypse Machine
Mittos 26: Temple of Shul-zhai – Use Catalyst – Appear Near Ruins of Throne

Campaign Summary

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