Former First Minister of the Chaizen


Encountered: World of Yan – City of Gai Sheng (MRL#12 Tapestry)

A small man, even by Chaizen standards, Tsen-Tsu stands a little over five feet tall and is rail thin. His receding hair is dyed black. His face is long with narrow eyes and overly large ears. A thin mustache hangs from either side of Tsen-Tsu’s mouth which, when thinking or under stress, he tends to twist. He always wears the purple judai of the royal house.

The intelligent and charismatic First Minister once served as an ambassador to the Nhoddir under Jin Gal (Tegus Gal’s father) before being appointed Jhosin Gal’s mentor. Tsen-Tsu holds true power in the Chaizen capital of Gai Sheng, having both the ear of the God-King (Jhosin Gal brother of Tegus Gal) and the loyalty of the gaijen (the elite Chaizen guard). He does not believe the “lies” propagated since the days of Zhoshan that their world was lost to the Heaven Fires and desires to return to their home world of Tian, loathing his desert prison. If returning to the Lost Kingdom is not possible, then Tsen-Tsu plans to use the Apocalypse Machine to enslave the Eight Tribes of Yan. He is also somewhat skilled in the art of necromancy, having learned magic from Nhoddir shamans. The First Minister is heartless and manipulative but radiates warmth and caring.

Campaign Note: Tsen-Tsu initially gained the Seekers’ trust and used them to locate Tegus Gal, the Prince of the Chaizen who went into hiding after the First Minister framed him from poisoning his father. Tsen-Tsu, using the Eyes Eternal provided to him by the characters to activate the dread Apocalypse Machine, which the Seekers were able to disable. Tsen-Tsu was eventually killed by Tegus Gal who assumed his rightful place as King of the Chaizen.



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