Thrôr Forgehammer

Ironkiln Elder


Encountered: Halls of the Ironkiln (MRL#14 Under Realm)

Old, stout, and crotchety, with large ears, a bulbous nose, and a constant scowl.

Thrôr is a war veteran (Battle of Split Rock) and was a close friend to Lividicus before Most Holy Bishop’s passing. He is stern yet fair, and always puts the welfare of the Ironkiln Clan above all else. Thrôr wears sandals and simple gray robes. He returned the radiant hammer to Creed after the Great Hall was overrun by demons and said, “You are Ironkiln now”. Thrôr stayed behind to organize the defense of the Ironkiln halls while Dunn escorted the Seekers to Haddrin’s Door.


Thrôr Forgehammer

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