Tegus Gal

King of the Chaizen


Encountered: World of Yan – Niobe Desert (MRL#12 Tapestry)

Quiet but intense, Tegus Gal is of average height for a Chaizen but wolf lean from years spent as a nomad in the desert. In battle, he wields a adamantine handaxe in each hand to devastating effect.

Tegus Gal is strong and wise, but also unyielding and stubborn. His social skills have suffered from the seclusion and his manner is best described as abrupt. Tegus Gal carefully calculates risk, which has saved his life on numerous occasions. The Seekers assisted him in overthrowing the corrupt Chaizen First Minister – Tsen-Tsu – who Tegus Gal later had executed. Tegus Gal then assumed the Alabaster Throne from his mentally troubled brother (Jhosin Gal). Tegus Gal used the Catalyst – a machine of futuristic design – to return the Seekers to their own world.


Tegus Gal

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