Talisman/Rin Longtooth

Legendary Raider of the Tuskan Horn


Encountered: Village of Silas, Verland (MRL#4 Chaplain)

Tall with dark brown, deeply wrinkled skin (like worn leather) and a lean, ancient face framing piercing eyes. Talisman speaks with a strange accent.

Very little is known of Talisman. He does not carry any weapons, nor does he eat, drink, or sleep. His presence is commanding but he seems distant from the events transpiring around him. He frequently refers to the Seekers as pah’di – an old Nörd barbarian term roughly translated as “my children.” Talisman told the party they would wait out the winter in Norkelm and then seek the Silverkiln. His response to most questions consists of: “I am a weary traveler seeking the end of a troubled road.”

Campaign Note: Before the party departed Norkelm, Talisman abruptly told the Seekers that he had to leave but provided no reason. He did, however, assure the heroes he would return during the Festival of Moons in the spring.

Death: The skeletal remains of Talisman were found in the great hall of Ghalagnörd at the foot of the Lich Lord (Bastion Redmyst). He was revealed by Bastion to be Rin Longtooth – famed Raider of the Tuskan Horn with whom the Lich Lord shared a soul.


Talisman/Rin Longtooth

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