Nord Totem Warrior


Encountered: Aboard the Duchess Yorra (MRL#9 Silverkiln)

Seven feet tall and two hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle, Sabbat is a fearsome fighter who has earned the distinction of totem warrior. His skin is dark brown and his black hair is typically tied in a pony tail hanging down to his wait. He wears buckskin trousers and a vest of fox fur. Tribal tattoos cover his chest, neck, and face.

Sabbat was hand-selected by the Horn Father to become a Nord Guard to protect Earl Paramor. He is a warrior of honor and slow to speak, thinking out his words carefully. Talisman instructed Sabbat to set sail for Norkelm and arrive no later than the Festival of Moons should they lose contact. Being a Nord Guard gives Sabbat rank over any Rhuulan officer for he reports directly to the Earl Paramor who, in this case, gave the warrior leave and means to fulfill his tasking from Talisman. Sabbat informed the Seekers that their path lies in Oskmul Cairn, the site of the Silverkiln’s mountain home: Mount Thuk. Within their mountain halls is an artifact of great value and meaning, although Sabbat knows nothing more. The totem warrior suspects it might be Talisman’s legendary flaming sword and requests, if it is found, that the heroes return it to the Nord people.

Campaign Note: Sabbat instructed the Seekers to find the human fortress of Mun’Tor after crossing the Nhirland and tell Commander Kiall to send his fastest messenger to Throne to inform the totem warrior of the party’s arrival.

Death: During the Siege of Mun’Tor by the nhir’gan, Sabbat sought the Seekers at the fortress due to their delay but the party was on a mission for the commander to capture Blood Lord Ga’ddar’s mother – Persephia. The totem warrior, while awaiting the heroes’ return, died defending Mun’Tor when it fell to the nhir’gan.



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