Fey Lord


Encountered: Verdant Meadow, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion)

Rowan appears as a slender human figure from whose head grows curved and woody antlers, a mane of leaves spills down his back, thorn-like spikes protrude from his shoulders, and lichen covers his wrists like bracers. He always carries a twisted oak staff ending in rigid leaves and thorns. His eyes glow a brilliant green.

Arrogant and powerful, Rowan has been the Fey Queen’s mate for centuries. He absolutely detests humans, and all other mortals, but keeps this hatred in check as he needs the Seekers assistance to save his beloved Queen Gwyneth. Rowan bonded each hero to an oath: “Bring to me Queen Gwyneth and against the trolls the fey shall stand. Fail or run and the bond will hold you true as only death can excuse you.”

Campaign Note: Having successfully rescued the Fey Queen, the oath bond was fulfilled.

Death: After the Unraveling, the Seekers were told the ul’Fyrnan lost its magical qualities and the fey lord eventually died.



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