Avatar of Allod


Encountered: Astoras Island (MRL#1 Astoras); Gentry (MRL#4 Chaplain); Ruins of Gentry (MRL#6 Revelations); and Tower of Astoras (MRL#13 Hourglass).

Miliel frequently appears as “Roland,” an elderly man who wears a broad-brimmed woven hat and a thick brown wool sweater. Roland is well into his sixties with wisps of gray hair that stick out from beneath his hat. He is cordial and polite, always finishing the conversation with the phrase “May the Tapestry guide you.”

The Seekers first encountered “Roland” as a turnip farmer on Astoras Island. He has appeared to the heroes with some consistency and once warned the party: “Be careful of my brothers. Jezerah means well but is… impetuous. He doesn’t understand the intricacies of mortality. And Dyanys, well, all I can tell you is run… run until your breathe is ragged and your legs are numb. Then run some more.” When the Seekers last met Roland, at the Temple of St. Adelphus in the ruins of Gentry, he told the characters his true name is Miliel and said: “I watched my people die though I was saved for I believed. Today I wish I had died for this burden, this task, is a heavy weight and I don’t want this blood on my hands, though they cast the first stone through their arrogance and foolishness. They were given such a precious gift, the last of my people, through the One God’s grace, and this is how they act – hanging his prophet in our holiest of cities. Now Dyanys, my brother, will come and I will deliver him. Such is my unwanted task. But there is still time. You can save not only the sinners but the innocent, for my brother does not judge – he merely condemns. There are truths to be discovered and answers to be found in Dunkeld. Do not delay. Go there with speed and purpose. Otherwise, my brother will turn all that you know into a realm of loss and damnation.”

Campaign Note: The party learned from Mhari that Miliel was a monk of Allod and one of her people. The Seekers again encountered Miliel when they were recovering the nullium soulbox from the Tower of Astoras. He had followed the last Tapestry thread – composed of gold, red, and black strands – and found the heroes. The avatar is now lost as he no longer knows what the future holds and stated the following to the Seekers before leaving:

And so the last thread has unraveled. For three thousand years I have watched empires rise and fall, evil conquer and be conquered. Through it all the Tapestry was there providing the threads for future generations. But no more. I must admit, when you saved Dunkeld from my brother and selflessly gave the cup of life to Deacon Pollock, I foresaw a new beginning, yet it was the prelude to an end. I thought you walked outside the Tapestry to reweave it but, truly, your destiny was to destroy it. In that you have surely succeeded.



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