Seeress & Mother of Ga'ddar


Encountered: The Nhirland – Compound Near Barbegol (MRL#10 Horde), Aboard the Duchess Yorra (MRL#11 Apprentice)

The elven mother of Ga’ddar is diminutive, pale, and beautiful. Her long black hair is delicately braided with gold twine. Only the fine wrinkles around Persephia’s eyes betray her three hundred years of age.

Persephia is skilled at diplomacy and social etiquette, having been trained from a young age for the rigors of elven court, but has a cold, calculating soul tinged with madness. She loathes her people for sending her away, yet yearns to again speak with her kind. Her gift of future sight is limited but fairly accurate. Above all else, Persephia loves her son and believes fully in his destiny to subjugate the other races. She found Viktor to be of noble blood – descended from Battle Earl Cyprus Nightbreeze and the royal elven House Sol’nae’ri – and presented him the legendary sword of her people as a gift.

Campaign Note: The Seekers later captured Persephia at the request of Commander Kiall: the doomed human general of the fortress Mun’Tor which, before the heroes could return with their captive, fell to the besieging nhir’gan army. The heroes teleported to the Duchess Yorra at anchor near Morvern with their prisoner. She was last seen aboard the Duchess Yorra before the Seekers entered the sunken Tower of Zhagros.

Death: The lone survivor when the Duchess Yorra was destroyed by Bastion Redmyst near the Tower of Zhagros, Persephia was eventually found and returned to her son – Blood Lord Ga’daar. She became a skilled diplomat, forging an alliance with the elves of Lhathalon. Lord-Regent Stiehl (leader of the demonic Abyssal Legions), however, saw her as both a weakness to Ga’ddar and a threat. She was slain by demon assassins when they were unable to capture her.



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