Parr Levine

Captain of the Duchess Yorra


Encountered: Aboard the Duchess Yorra (MRL#9 Silverkiln & MRL#11 Apprentice)

Captain Levine’s face is clean-shaven and unblemished; his clothes formal with a stiff collar, white ruffles, and a waistcoat of rich blue suede. His silver hair is meticulously combed and parted.

Quiet but intense, Captain Levine is the commander of the Duchess Yorra, a royal caravel in the Rhuulan fleet. He has a propensity for fine clothes and formal conversation. He is fair with his crew, who are in return respectful to their captain, but he demands strict discipline and order.

Campaign Note: Captain Levine stated to the Seekers he would return to Sand Harbor once the high tide returned and wait for the party to return from Oskmul Cairn. The party later encountered the captain as he waited at anchor outside of Morvern. He swore to Sabbat he would transport the characters were they wanted to go in order to follow the gilded compass. Captain Levine transported the Seekers across the Dead Sea to the location above the sunken Tower of Zhagros. He was last seen aboard the Duchess Yorra before the party fled through the tapestry while the Lich Lord attacked the tower.

Death: Drowned aboard the Duchess Yorra when it was destroyed by the Lich Lord.


Parr Levine

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