Mad Druid of Erobyss


Encountered: Island of Erobyss (MRL#8 Erobyss)

Dressed in a filthy, patchwork tunic and shorts, as well as a floppy black hat, the pale-skinned druid is skinny and slight of stature. His body odor is pungent. Morax’s wild eyes dart around constantly and his expression always borders on panic. His graying beard and hair are caked with mud and twigs. Morax has the unsettling habit of laughing at inappropriate times and is prone to angry outbursts.

After the death of his friend Timeran, the druid, driven by despair, polymorphed into a dire badger but after a century in his animal form was unable to change back. The Seekers restored Morax to his human state and questioned him regarding Timeran, the wizard’s staff, and the ogres present on the island. Before sending the druid to tend to the overgrown orchard on the island, Morax told the party he knew of a “back door” into the dragon’s lair. The druid was one of a hundred of his kind who protected the world tree stump, but he is now the last of his order and over two thousand years old.



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