Troll Prince


Encountered: Verdant Meadow, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion); Spire Tower (MRL#13 Hourglass)

Magrilg is a thin, gangly troll standing nearly ten feet tall and has a pointed noise that extends below his square chin. His long arms drag along the ground and he has a distinctive hobbled walk.

Older brother to Skraal, and the rightful heir to the throne, Magrilg is seemingly not overly intelligent and a devote pacifist who refuses to fight, or kill, unless in self defense. Magrilg does not eat meat, subsisting off wild vegetables and berries. He is not a coward but sought protection from the fey under order from his father, King Tuvgulk. Magrig speaks limited Common.

Campaign Note: After Tuvgulk’s death, and the defeat Skraal by the Seekers during the Siege of Gentry, it is unknown who now rules the trolls of Vangr’fjel.

Death: Held prisoner and blinded by his brother (King Skraal), Viktor was unaware of the troll’s royal identity and beheaded Magrilg with a single attack.



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