Lissa Ahrenson

Former Fiancée of Tudor


Encountered: The Pathways (MRL#7 Oblivion)

A young woman with a brilliant, beautiful smile, Lissa wears a metal, star-shaped pendant and a simple blue gown common throughout Egremont.

Young, full of life, and pretty, Lissa grew up with Tudor in the village of Bufree (Egremont). They were betrothed at the age of sixteen but had to wait for their seventeenth birthdays to be wed. Before this occurred, Tudor accidentally summoned an acid orb in the presence of Lissa’s magitite necklace – a family heirloom. This terrified Lissa, who thought it was witchcraft, and drove Tudor to flee his home village. Egremont was subsequently destroyed. Tudor then encountered Lissa along the Pathways beyond the Veil where she had been waiting for him so they could pass through Death’s Gate together. Lissa was leading the party to Fhorsh Tower when they got separated after being attacked by tentacles in a swamp. Althos later told the characters that Lissa was safe with the wizard Fhorsh.

Campaign Note: Tudor requested that Althos tell Lissa not to wait for him and pass through Death’s Gate. Althos agreed to give her the message once she returned from her visit with Fhorsh.

Death: Lissa knows she is dead but does not recall dying. Her last memory is of arguing with her mother over selecting a new suitor after Tudor left Bufree then the day turned to night as the world shuddered.


Lissa Ahrenson

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