Marcan Crestmaurl

King of Dunkeld


Encountered: Kingdom of Dunkeld, Verland (MRL#6 Revelations)

King Marcan typical wears red robes and a gold crown. He appears to be in his mid-thirties with shoulder-length brown hair and a thick beard. His eyes are a piercing blue and he has a calming smile. He is of average height and build.

Polite, educated, and refined, the king is the consummate diplomat but his exterior kindness should not be confused with inner weakness. Along with his twin sister Mhari, he established the thriving city of Dunkeld upon the ashes of Qoth. The king is pragmatic and realistic when it comes to the world. It was under his order that Pollock was hanged.

Death: During the siege of Dunkeld by Blood Lord Ga’ddar’s nhir’gan army, the king, still distraught over the death of his sister, committed suicide.


Since you are visitors to our kingdom, and are looking from the outside, please allow me to explain what you may have missed. See how we flourish. Our people do not starve. Magic is taught, not feared, and mankind advances. Surely, others beyond our walls suffer but that is their penance for the ceaseless wars they fight and the dark age in which they are content to live. Granted, we provide the iron and weapons, but we do not squander our wealth nor do we make war with our neighbors. In fact, without us, the nhir’gan hordes would have overwhelmed Throne, and with it, Rhuul long ago. To help all would damn us and bring an end to what we strived to create. In time, though, we will spread our enlightenment, our civilization, but that time is not now. Civilization must advance beyond what they are and embrace what they can be – a renaissance of thought and purpose, if you will. Yes, I feel for those that must toil beyond the walls, but that is part of our society and accepted. I also know many from Gentry are starving, but to invite them in would only deplete the resources of those I am sworn to protect. I wish it were not so. Life is rarely fair or easy.


You speak of Deacon Merle. Unfortunately, he was an insurrectionist. He attempted to incite the splintering of our society through the words he presented as fact based on a religion and god he claimed to understand. We cannot forsake what we have, our way of life, and our stability as a kingdom for some prophet. We thrive not on speculation, superstition, or blind faith, but on truth. I did order his death and it pains me. But, as a ruler, such burdens are mine to bear to ensure the survival of my people.


Marcan Crestmaurl

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