Jakob Tannar

Innkeeper: Tannar House


Encountered: Village of Norkelm, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion)

Jakob is clean-shaven with short-cropped brown hair and blue, friendly eyes. He has an easy smile and friendly disposition.

Originally a merchant from Belgast, Jakob relocated to Norkelm nearly twenty years ago. Jakob married a local girl – Elsa – and the two own/operate the Tannar House, which is the only tavern/inn located in Norkelm. Jakob is popular among the village’s residents and was elected to the Rohk Council last year.

Campaign Note: The Seekers had Arris drop Gretchen off in Norkelm with the Tannars. They included money to pay for Gretchen’s needs and a letter asking the Tannars to care for her.

Death: Killed by the Black Skull Clan during their occupation of Norkelm.


Jakob Tannar

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