Former Queen of the Fey


Encountered: Vangr’fjel, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion)

Beautiful and the desire of every mortal man, the Fey Queen is a captivating woman with long blond hair like spun gold and deep brown eyes that cause all to behold her to immediately yearn for her affections.

The Fey Queen has ruled ul’Fyrnan for thousands of years and formed a close friendship with the Troll King Tuvgulk. Her allegiance is to protecting her sacred forests, but she does not have the innate distrust and hatred of mortals that most fey possess. In fact, she has been known to take a mortal lover from time to time, much to the disgust of her husband, Rowan. Gwyneth is accustomed to those beneath her doing what they are told and becomes upset if this is not the case.

Campaign Note: The Seekers were informed that Gwyneth became mortal after the Unraveling as the ul’Fyrnan lost its magical properties. The Fey Queen’s husband (Rowan), however, perished during the transition. Gwyneth later married Arris Mennes and they raised Gretchen together.



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