Innkeeper: Chaste Sailor Tavern


Encountered: Town of Gentry, Verland (MRL#4 Chaplain & MRL#5 Incursion)

Grek is a stocky, imposing figure missing his right arm with dark scars covering his face, scalp, and body. He wears a leather patch over one eye; his remaining eye is bright blue. Despite his hostile appearance, Grek is sociable and charming with a deep, raspy voice. The innkeeper seems to know a great deal about the happenings in Gentry.

The Seekers were referred to Grek by Eunice (Pious Maiden Pub) due to the innkeeper’s knowledge of ancient sewers beneath Gentry. Pollock also told the party he would be staying at the Chaste Sailor (known as “Chasties” by the locals). Before telling the party how to access the sewers, however, Grek made a deal where the heroes entered the House of Geebs and recovered items of value, which they then provided to the innkeeper.

Death: After making a deal with the nhir’gan warlock Grilzt, Grek assisted with the troll invasion of Gentry; however, when it became obvious that the trolls were destroying everything and Grek would have nothing to rule, the traitor utilized a transference spell to pass his essence into the captured golem Dys. The Seekers sought the innkeeper at the tavern and were attacked by Grek in the form of Dys. The heroes destroyed Dys and thus believe they killed Grek, as well.



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