Graebyn the Elder

Wizard of Dunkeld


Encountered: Cambrian Library (MRL#8 Erobyss), In the Tower of Zhagros (MRL#11 Apprentice)

The wizard’s voice is slurred and slightly nasal, frequently cracking with age. Graebyn’s long white hair is clean but unkempt, as is his beard which yellows at the ends. His thin frame, wrapped in simple brown robes, seems as withered as the knotty staff he leans upon for support.

Graebyn claims to be the son of Timeran the Wise (a Knight of the Silver Legion) and the great-great-grand nephew of Bazkalan the Magnificent. He appears extremely old and his health seems to be on the decline. The wizard agreed to meet Tudor at the library again to discuss his father, the Seekers’ travel to Erobyss, and the dangers to be found there, as well as a simple request he would have of the heroes.

Campaign Note: The Seekers successful recovered Timeran’s journal from Erobyss and gave it to Graebyn, but later encountered the elderly wizard in the Tower of Zhagros. Graebyn provided information to the heroes he had gleaned from his father’s journal (see MRL#11 Dungeon Master Journal Entry) then told the party to flee through the tapestry as the Lich Lord began his attack on the tower.


Graebyn the Elder

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