Former Nhir'gan Algus


Encountered: The Nhirland – Marrow Lands (MRL#10 Horde)

Gnash’s wrinkled face and gaunt body are covered with ritualistic scarring not seen among others of his kind, and he has gold eyes flecked with green (the opposite of other nhir’gan). He suffers from no disfigurements or amputations.

Gnash is treated with deferential respect by all nhir’gan he encounters and is obeyed without question as he was an algus before being allowed to “retire” by Blood Lord Ga’ddar. He is a devoted follower of the Blood Lord, believes in nhir’gan supremacy, and strictly adheres to the nhir’gan honor code of j’yhat. Gnash was rescued by the Seekers and stated he owes them a “blood debt.”



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