Black Thane of the Silverkiln Clan


Encountered: Halls of the Silverkiln (MRL#9 Silverkiln)

The Black Thane’s skin is black, taut, and shriveled. His eye sockets are empty black holes yet there is power in his gaze. The lemony odor of coriander and cloves hangs thick in the air around him. The ancient dwarf’s voice is deep and gravelly.

Ghörik is the undead thane of the Silverkiln Clan whose mountain home is now a lifeless tomb to thousands of dwarves. After slaying the party’s wizard – Tudor – with but a single spell, the Seekers regrouped and entered into a deal with the Black Thane, exchanging the iron scepter the heroes knocked from his hands for the radiant hammer he still carried. The deal was made and the Seekers fled from the Silverkiln Halls, taking with them the body of Tudor.



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