Fenris Red Stag

Fallen Companion


Slain: Killed by a trap in the Well of Souls (MRL#10 Horde)

Chaotic Neutral

AC 15 (T11/FF14); HP 55
Init +1; Listen +12, Search +1 Spot +18
Fort +8, Reflex +5, Will +14
Base Atk +6; Grp +5; Speed 20 (Hide Armor)
Str 7 Dex 13 Con 10 Int 12 Wis 22 Cha 6

Weapon(s): Myric Spear
Armor: Feral Hide
Special Items: Periapt of Wisdom +2, Bead of Force, Potion of Cat’s Grace, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Scroll of Restoration (2), Bag of Holding Type I

Class Features: Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature’s Lure, Wild Shape – Animal (4x/day [Sm, Med, Lg]), Nature’s Strike
Feats: Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Skill Focus (Concentration), Fast Wild Shape, Natural Spell
Skills: Concentration +15, Hide +1, Knowledge Nature +15, Move Silently +1, Profession Navigator +12, Spellcraft +13, Spot +18, Survival +20
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Druidic
Current XP: 36,500

Chief – Wolf Animal Companion
AC 24 (T14/FF20); HP 77
Init +4; Listen +9, Spot +9, Survival +8
Fort +11, Reflex +12, Will +5
Base Atk +6; Grp +9; Speed 50
Str 16 Dex 18 Con 17 Int 2 Wis 12 Cha 6
Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion, Multiattack
Feats: Weapon Focus (Bite), Track, Improved Toughness, Ability Focus (Trip)
Bonus Tricks: Down, Heel, Defend, Attack
Special Items: Collar of Resistance +2, Leather Armor



The island of Myros lies at a nexus of dimensions and energies, which has long attracted both good and evil. It is legend that my people crossed through from another world to protect Myros from the evil forces that would pervert it, but we have failed.

At the heart of Myros is the Craggorn Valley and Lake Iniss, whose fabled waters were said to be enchanted by two witches of old, their names lost to antiquity. Those that drank from the lake did not experience disease or the ravages of age. So, too, did the land benefit as it grew lush and rich bringing peace through abundance to the many tribes that called Myros home. My people – the Tribe of the Red Stag – were among those of the island.

Generations ago, a group of shamans from each of the tribes combined their powers in order to protect the enchanted waters of Lake Iniss. Together they summoned a Great Red Stag and imbued it with exceptional powers and ageless life. The Great Red Stag protected the lake and that strengthened the ties between the tribes.

Time passed and an ogre war party, led by the fierce fire giant Jötnar, came to Myros to capture slaves. Before they could strike, however, the Great Red Stag appeared, scattering the war party and impaling Jötnar upon its mighty antlers, killing the giant instantly. After the battle, the stag sped off into the woods, where it laid down for a final rest as it succumbed to grievous wounds.

Fen’quhurdt, a once great warrior of the Elk Tribe but now of advanced age, came across the lifeless body of the Great Red Stag. Mystic energies from the stag’s body seeped into the earth and the forest flourished with new life. The old warrior fell to his knees and it is said he wept for five days and six nights. At sunrise on the sixth day, he noticed that plants, flowers and vines had grown over the stag, leaving only its great antlers visible. That sacred forest is now known as Stag’s Grove. The legendary antlers of the Great Red Stag are the cairngorn.

In honor of the fallen animal, Fen’quhurdt began a new tribe – the Tribe of the Great Red Stag – who would make it their charge to protect Craggorn Valley. He went to all the tribes of Myros, asking for one aged warrior and one promising son. The tribes embraced the idea. And thus was born the Tribe of the Great Red Stag.


It was not uncommon to get visitors to our island as it was at the crossroads of Rhuul along the waterways. Tribesmen would meet these outlanders on the beaches and offer them protection during their brief stay so long as they agreed to not travel far beyond the shore. Those that did not accept these conditions were dealt with severely.

While I was away, nhir’gan raiders plundered Myros and destroyed many of the tribes. The Red Stag stood strong to the last man against this onslaught, buying time for the women and children to escape, but eventually they were scattered and the cairngorn stolen.

I, Fenris Red Stag, the last of the Cairngorn Guards, am sworn to protect my tribe and the cairngorn we hold sacred. I will rest at nothing until I recover it from the dark lands of the savage nhir’gan. I may not be as strong and fast as my brothers, but my heart burns with an inner fire to reclaim what was lost and avenge my people.


When I was young, the elders wouldn’t let me train with the customary elk axe as I was too small and weak. But what I lacked in physical prowess, I made up for in a warrior’s spirit. I taxed my body and my soul beyond that which the others could endure, and trained until my hands were raw and bloody. Then I trained more. The elders saw something in me so I was sent to study under the village shaman, Twiggan.

Twiggan taught me much about our lands, customs, and heritage, things I never would have learned training as a warrior with the elk axe. His stories were insightful and awe-inspiring. Twiggan also showed me the constellations (a map of the heavens that could guide my way) along with the phases of the two moons: Shaneer and Uranok. In the clouds, too, Twiggan revealed secrets of weather and seasons, lessons that would serve me well. The shaman’s greatest gift to me was deciphering the mysteries of the animals surrounding us and their place in the kruh – the endless circle of life.

One day Twiggan told me he had taught me everything he could and encouraged me to seek out another elder named Adonri’al on a distant island. I went home to give honor and love to my father and mother, explaining to them that I would be gone for a long season, but would one day return to protect my people. My father, gruff and strong, hugged me tightly and looked at me with pride. Before I could leave, he gave me an old set of armor that belonged to his father’s father. The hide armor was thick, but supple with toolings of leaves. It smelled of softening oils and fit me well. I wear it proudly even now.

I then left for the distant island, finding passage on an outlander ship. The journey across the seas and foreign lands was difficult with inclement weather, harsh terrain and bandits. I suffer not the bandits’ selfish ways and trapped a good many in tangles of tall weed before setting them ablaze with purifying fire. From them I recovered a magic bag, potions, and gems. I felt luck was on my side, which continued when I came across an isolated farm.

Here I assisted a shepherd fend off a pack of wolves longing for his sheep. I offered a single sheep to the wolves and they accepted the offer before retreating into the woods. The shepherd was upset so I presented him one of the bandits’ gems. He was so pleased with the gem that he offered me his eldest daughter. Outsiders…truly a strange people. For a night I stayed with the shepherd and one of the wolves returned, skulking near the farm. In those gray eyes I saw a kindred spirit and a friend. I named him Chief and he travels with me today. The shepherd was mistrustful of my friendship with the wolf but, in exchange for my leaving (and taking the wolf away) he presented me a collar of leather and metal to “civilize that beast.” He claimed his wife was allergic to dogs and insisted I take it… and go.

It took many weeks to locate Adonri’al. He was one of the fabled race, an elf, but stubborn and unfriendly. He reminded me of my father. He at first refused to train me but I sat at his campfire, unmoving, for two days until the elf relented. Adonri’al proved a tough yet able teacher who demanded much of me. The training was physically exhausting and mentally draining. Sometimes it lasted for days. He taught me more of the land and its creatures. His knowledge proved deeper and more insightful than even Twiggan. For all his bluster though, Adonri’al did have a soft spot. I would see him at night, when he thought I was asleep, stalking in the darkness with Chief and even ruffling the wolf’s fur. On a spring day, the elf abruptly announced my training complete. Confused, I left with Chief and made for the port city of Kellas thinking that perhaps my journey was over and I that should return home. But fate had other ideas for me.

I fared better in the wilderness than I did in the civilized lands. I did not seem to get along with the people and their strange customs, nor did they seem to understand me. In the city of Kellas, on a hot summer day, with the press of humanity and stench surrounding me, I sought water and food in a tavern but found only a group of drunken sailors and a fight. I was outnumbered, though I fought until my vision blurred and I tasted only blood. Their captain intervened and said I had salt in my veins. I joined his crew and sailed the waters of Rhuul proving my worth through my knowledge of the winds. The captain made me his navigator. In Gentry I was approached by Captain Levine who offered me a position on the Duchess Yorra as his navigator. I could not refuse. It was a better ship with a fairer wage and larger helpings of food. During all these travels, Chief was at my side and became a token of good luck on both vessels I served.

It was while aboard the Duchess Yorra, during my night watch, that an owl came to me bearing a message from Twiggan. The nhir’gan had attacked Myros and scattered the tribes. The cairngorn had been taken. It was then that I looked down in the hold and saw the men resting there. Odd men and heavily armed on a voyage to Sand Point. They spoke little to the crew but I knew our destination was close to nhir’gan lands. They left on a quest that kept them away for some days as the Duchess Yorra sat idle at anchor far from shore due to the low tide. After a few days we saw thick smoke on the horizon, but Captain Levine would not take us to shore. I considered swimming, but was unsure of the waters and currents.

As the tide returned, the ship returned to Sand Point to find the village in ashes and the people gone except for the corpses of the old and infirmed. The captain said this looked to be a nhir’gan slave raid. I was angry for these simple people who had no defense. It was then that the strange men – they call themselves the Seekers – returned and began to argue about what to do: save the villagers or continue with some quest. As they gathered their gear and decided to head south into nhir’gan lands after the raiders, I felt that perhaps our destinies are intertwined. Captain Levine granted me leave from the Duchess Yorra and I approached the Seekers…

Fenris Red Stag

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