Dunn Stonewarden

Lividictine Knight


Encountered: Ghalagnörd (MRL#14 Under Realm)

Like any respectable knight, Dunn keeps his armor well-maintained and his weapons clean, including his beloved waraxe. Dunn is a bit unorthodox for a knight, or even an Ironkiln dwarf for that matter, as he is never without his trapper’s hat complete with earflaps and rabbit-fur lining.

A young squire when his brother (Barras Stonewarden) left to find the soulbox, Dunn has since become a knight. Dunn is kind, caring, and emotional for a dwarf. His valor and integrity are known throughout the clan. He was sad to hear of his brother’s death in the Silverkiln Halls but glad Moradin was there. Dunn respects Thane Bharald but has his reservations about the new, often paranoid, thane. Dunn takes his new mission to escort the Seekers to Peril Deep very seriously.


Dunn Stonewarden

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