Darrin Withloom

Knight of the Whiteflame


Encountered: Aboard the Albatross searching for Egremont (MRL#2 Oracle); Commanding a group of knight (MRL#4 Chaplain); and Near Norkelm leading the Whiteflame Resistance (MRL#13 Hourglass).

Darrin is in his mid-twenties with blond hair, blue eyes, and has the physique of one who trains regularly, as well as the scars of many battles. Expertly tattooed on the inside of Darrin’s right forearm is the outline of a flame.

The Seekers saved Darrin from the sea and learned he had been traveling aboard a lost vessel heading to Ganyss. During the doomed voyage, Darrin witnessed Egremont pulled beneath the ocean by gargantuan tentacles that blotted out the sun. Despite many questions, Darrin remained secretive of who he is and his mission. He said nothing of his reasons for such extensive travel and, when asked about his scars, merely stated life is never easy in the wilds of the realm. Regarding his tattoo, Darrin said, “Sometimes we have to believe in things greater than ourselves to find purpose.” Darrin gave the Seekers the whiteflame pendant.

Campaign Note: Darrin made a subsequent appearance in Silas in command of a group of knights escorting Lord Luther (MRL#4 Chaplain). Owing the Seekers a blood debt for saving his life, Darrin refused to engage the heroes in battle and Lord Luther ended up dying in a dual with Chaplain Creed. Darrin took the body of Lord Luther back to Gentry for proper burial. The Seekers, after traveling back from the Tapestry, encountered Darrin again near Norkelm but he had aged a decade and was leading the Whiteflame Resistance who was fighting against the Black Skull Clan, led by the troll king Skraal. The Black Skull Clan had captured Gretchen – the girl the heroes had previously rescued from Silas – but she was now a woman and Darrin’s wife, as well as Arris Mennes’ adopted daughter. Darrin also spoke with Creed in private.


Darrin Withloom

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