Chaplain Cluve

Priest of the First Light


Encountered: Village of Norkelm, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion) and ul’Fyrnan (MRL#13 Hourglass)

The chaplain is easily identified due to his long white bear, which tapers at the end, his crown of equally white hair, and his thick black robes of wool. He has light blue eyes and a quiet disposition, although when he speaks those around strain to listen as his wisdom and advice are highly valued in the community.

A man of patience, caring, and conviction, Chaplain Cluve values life but understands the harsh realities of the frontier. He does not have any divine powers. Originally an officer in the Rhuul Guard stationed in Mun’Tor, the chaplain deserted many decades ago and eventually found his way to Verland where he “followed the light” to his flock in Norkelm and now leads the Chapel of First Light. He has been on the Rohk Council for over a decade.

Campaign Note: Chaplain Cluve, wizened and walking with a cane, approached the Seekers after they escaped from Rohk Castle and joined hands with them for a blessing. Bowing his head, he prayed, “May the Light guide these men for their cause is just and their journey long. May evil flee from their righteous path lest it be put to the sword and let nothing extinguish their flame, which burns like a beacon of hope in the seemingly endless night.”


Chaplain Cluve

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