Merle Pollock

Former Captain & Prophet of Allod


Encountered: Astoras Island (MRL#1 Astoras), Pergarus (MRL#7 Oblivion)

Of average height with a stout build, Pollock has the rolling gait of an experienced seaman. While at sea, he has a substantial white beard turning yellow at the ends and bushy eyebrows to match, but at port these are both expertly groomed and Pollock becomes every bit the wise and dapper captain. Around his neck he always wears a gold medallion.

The Seekers met Captain Pollock when his vessel – the Albatross – was beached on Astoras Island while on a routine voyage from Mithus to Margate (Egremont). The captain went on to transport the party throughout the seas of Rhuul. When the ship ran aground on an uncharted island while sailing to Verland, Pollock was slain by spiders, along with his crew – Wry and Stefan. Resurrected by the Seekers, Pollock brought the heroes to Gentry (Verland) then unexpectedly left the city, leaving a note, and his medallion, with Grek at the Chaste Sailor Tavern:

Dear friends, you are fine men. Men of courage. I believe the Tapestry has chosen you for greatness. I, though, am but a humble man. Your road is too dark and painful for the likes of me. When I died, I was at peace and a man spoke to me. Told me I had to go back and had things to do. I don’t know if I’ll do them but I am taking the first step down my road. Accept my medallion as a gift. May it bring you luck and may the Tapestry always guide you.
- Merle Pollock

Campaign Note: Traveling to distant Dunkeld to resupply during the winter, the Seekers found that “Deacon Pollock” had been hanged by King Marcan as an insurrectionist for preaching of Allod and the equality of man. Many viewed Pollock as a prophet. The Revelations began as Dyanys (Death) was going to be released for Pollock’s death had angered Allod (the One God). Mhari, sister of Marcan (both of whom belonged to an ancient race called the Cambrians), sent the Seekers beyond the Veil to the spirit world of Oblivion to rescue Pollock’s soul before he passed beyond Death’s Gate. The party located Pollock’s soul and restored him to the life, which ended the Revelations and saved Dunkeld. Deacon Pollock, before leaving on a pilgrimage, requested the cup of life, a holy relic, from the Seekers. The characters provided the cup to Pollock and he departed.

Death: Deacon Pollock was crucified by Blood Lord Ga’ddar when the cup of life failed to resurrect his mother (Persephia) after she was assassinated by demons.


Merle Pollock

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