Bharald Granitespire

Ironkiln Thane (Lost Hammer of Orohk)


Encountered: Halls of the Ironkiln (MRL#14 Under Realm)

Bharald is late middle-age for a dwarf with dark eyes and thick brown hair. He has the build of a dwarven warrior and the scars to show he is no stranger to battle. He wears golden plate armor and a ram-shaped helm into battle.

It is a mystery where Bharald went, and why, as a Hammer of Orohk under Lividicus. His apparent slow aging has also been noted. The thane has refused to discuss either topic. Upon his return to the Ironkiln Clan, Bharald assumed the mantle of thane after receiving approval from Lividicus and the Elder Council. Bharald hates all other races – feeling they are liars and betrayers – with a special disgust for humans. He even believes Ironkiln dwarves exposed to the outside world are tainted through their interracial contact. Despite his temper and paranoia, Bharald is a brilliant tactician and a fierce warrior with an unbreakable code of honor (applies only to dwarves). He holds to the traditions of the old ways with strict discipline. Lividicus blessed Bharald to be thane despite knowing his limitations as the Lost Hammer is the Ironkiln’s best hope against the demons and nhir’gan. He carried the Axe of Ages until trading it to the Seekers for the radiant hammer (Sig’Thok), although it was Thrôr who actually made the trade as Bharald could not stomach speaking any further with the “filthy sungazers.”


Bharald Granitespire

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