Bastion Redmyst

Lich Lord of Ghalagnörd


Encountered: Keep of Ghalagnörd (MRL#13 Hourglass)

The figure shifts slightly as you approach. A wheezing, labored sound issues forth from the darkness of the robe’s deep cowl then a skeletal hand appears, trembling, from a sleeve. The arm slowly rises, as if through extreme effort, and pushes back the cowl to reveal a skull of stretched, yellowed skin wearing a tarnished silver mask. A voice, hollow and faint but projecting an unearthly evil, says from behind the mask, “The heroes who for so long I sought to destroy now stand before me in my weakness. How ironic they are now the key to my salvation.”

The former Raider of the Tuskan Horn and archmage is literally a shadow of his previous greatness. His strength and appearance is that of a lowly skeleton, although his incredible intellect remains intact. The years of forced imprisonment while confined to Ghalagnörd has given Bastion an insight into his errors and how to correct them. The Lich Lord is still evil, and cares nothing for others, but knows that his tampering with time has resulted in this unsavory reality. He has asked the Seekers to go back in time using the Iynic Hourglass to convince his younger self to avoid this unsavory future.


Bastion Redmyst

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