Arris Mennes

Legendary Eimhir Guide


Encountered: Village of Norkelm, Verland (MRL#5 Incursion)

A grizzled Eimhir legend with a tangled mass of blond-gray hair and beard, Arris has a booming voice and a natural knack for survival.

Arris’s guiding skills are unrivaled in northern Verland. He is, however, a survivor and out for himself, although he is certainly not cruel or evil. Arris is known to be a drinker but was elected to the Rohk Council because of his functional knowledge of the environment. The guide fled before the Troll Skirmishes, but few hold this against him as he returned to Norkelm to help with its rebuilding. Arris claims to have been seduced by the Fey Queen over thirty years ago and to have held an audience with the Troll King, Tuvgulk. The Troll King warned Arris of the impending war – the Troll Skirmishes – and gave the guide the amethyst pendant.

Campaign Note: Arris guided the Seekers to Dunkeld and brought Gretchen to Norkelm.


Arris Mennes

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