Guide of Souls


Encountered: The Pathways (MRL#7 Oblivion)

Althos’ fine white hair merges with a flowing beard that spills over his brown innkeeper’s apron. He has the gruff look of one who has lived through many seasons, but his light gray eyes have a kindly look and his mouth creases in a soft smile. He seems to always be cleaning an endless supply of cups.

A guide of souls, Althos appeared to the Seekers as an innkeeper at the intersection of infinite roads in the Pathways beyond the Veil. He is kind, helpful, and has an extensive knowledge of the Threshold. The party was directed to Althos by the Gray Lord (Guardian of Pergarus) as the only one who could release spectres of Thrall. Althos agreed to do so but only after the characters used the cup of life to spill water into the Cauldron of Cadaverus and free the condemned souls held there.



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