Campaign of the Month: April 2013

Myyth Realm: Legacy

MRL#5 Incursion

Session V-VI: Ibernus 4 - 27, 252 A.E.


Ibernus the 4th, 252 AE

The Seekers found themselves resting in Silas after Creed’s dual with Lucas. That night, while everyone was talking and eating, an old man named “Talisman” arrived at the cottage. Talisman was an obvious woodsman. He even smelled of fresh leaves and he was obviously "He” they were seeking.

Talisman was a man of few words and shortly after he arrived, he said, “Let’s go, Pahdi”. Tudor recognized the word from an old history lesson as meaning, “My children”.

The Seekers went with Talisman. Talisman was definitely a woodsman, based on the way he smelled. They also noticed that he left no tracks, not even in the snow. They followed him into the night until they broke for camp. The night passed uneventfully and they all woke early in the morning, instead of being wakened by Moradin as he finished his turn at watch.

Shortly after the Seekers had set out in the morning, a saber cat pounced out of the snow at Tudor, catching the mage unaware and leaving a large gash in his leg. Tudor recovered quickly though, leapt away from the animal and conjured forth a globe of acid that quickly shot out of his hand with a loud, “Assid!”

Rykson responded by mounting Kongo and moving in to protect the vulnerable mage. So the cat attacked Kongo. Rykson expertly moved Kongo away from the attack, but the cat still hit Rykson with a paw.

Tudor followed his acid globe by shooting 3 missiles of force into the cat’s ribs, knocking it unconscious. Talisman immediately called for the Seekers to stop the attack, which they did. Creed even healed the beautiful cat at Talisman’s request.

Talisman led them all the way to a small harbor town called Norkelm. Norkelm’s harbor was frozen solid with boats stuck at dock. Talisman told them that once the harbor thawed, they would catch a boat to Silverkiln. In the meantime, they were going to have to stay in Norkelm, so Talisman led them to a tavern called “Tannar House”.

The Tannar House was full of wounded men. Chaplain Creed did a quick visual triage to identify which men were in most need of help. He tended to everyone he could, including adding a little healing magic when none were looking. The men had been wounded while repelling a troll attack. Even though these men were wounded, some seriously, they at least repelled the assault and forced the trolls to retreat. They were told that the trolls had come out of the ul’Fyrnan and had attacked at the behest of a fairy.

The troll attack had been the first since the Troll Skirmishes, which finished nearly 30 years ago. The Troll Skirmishes officially came to an end when Lord Luther and the Troll King signed the Avness Accord. The signing of the Avness Accord required humans to leave the ul’Fyrnan woods and the Fey to leave Eimhir.

The Seekers were told that the town’s leaders – the Rohk Council – would meet the next morning to discuss what they would do about the troll attack. The Rohk Council was a four-man council consisting of Tannar, Arris Mennes, Chaplain Cluve (a Chaplain of Sol) and one other.

Arris, had an interesting story for the Seekers. He claimed to have bedded the Fey Queen. According to him, the Fey Queen seduced him and left him after he fell asleep. When he woke, he found himself surrounded by little men and another fey that he guessed was the Fey King. The Fey King was furious and gave Arris to the trolls, who kept him in a dungeon.

Tuvgulk was the King of Trolls at the time and he wasn’t interested in keeping Arris. So King Tuvgulk gave Arris the means to escape by giving him an amethyst pendant that allowed him to pass through a certain stone at the Troll Castle and arrive in Norkelm. Arris even remembered enough of the Troll Castle to draw a map for the Seekers.

As amazing as Arris’s story sounded, he seemed to be telling the truth.

As they were speaking to Arris, the town’s warning bell sounded and almost immediately, a little boy ran into the Tannar House and up to Tudor screaming about trolls that were attacking from the west. Tudor started off that directions, found a place where no one could see him, and cast a spell that turned him invisible, just in case he came across trolls before he found his friends. He found the rest of the Seekers at the base of hill looking up to one of the town’s cottages.

They had just spotted two trolls attacking the cottage. Tudor, who was still invisible, began summoning a celestial hippogriff and Creed cast a spell that allowed the Seekers to move through the deep snow as if they were moving on dry land.

The hippogriff attacked one of the trolls and distracted it while the other charged at the Seekers. They quickly cut down the charging troll and then turned their attention to the remaining troll, which they also killed fairly quickly. The tactic of dividing and conquering worked flawlessly and they easily dispatched the two trolls. The trolls were very powerful foes and could have easily over-powered the Seekers had they not been so finely battle-tuned.

After the fight, the Seekers noticed a slimy orange fungus growing on the trolls’ skin. The fungus gave off a sweet and not unpleasant odor. None of the Seekers recognized the fungus.

The cottage that the trolls were attacking belonged to a senile old man named Svorn. Svorn came out after the attack and lectured the Seekers seeming to blame them for the trolls ruining his chicken coop. Svorn actually expected the Seekers to fix his chicken coup. They did it too, maybe because they were so taken aback by his behavior or maybe because they are just that nice.

Svorn was a senile hermit and had been a veteran officer in the Foot Infantry during the Troll Skirmishes. Hearing this, the Seekers reasoned out that the trolls had not attacked a random cottage, that they were looking for something specific in Svorn’s cottage…maybe even Svorn himself.

The Seekers didn’t want to leave Svorn at his cottage because it wasn’t safe, so Tudor and Creed took him to the Tanner House and left him with Else, the innkeeper, against her wishes.

Meanwhile Rykson and Moradin stayed behind to investigate. While doing so, they found a very special-looking sword. They didn’t do anything until Creed and Tudor made it back to the cottage. Rykson told them about the sword and they all agreed that they should take the sword for safe keeping. So they bundled the sword in blankets and tied it to Kongo’s side.

They went back to the Tannar House and found that Svorn had passed out at one of the tables. Else had been right about what would happen if they let Svorn drink. They paid for him to have a room and waited there until Chaplain Cluve arrived and announced the Council’s decision on what to do about the Troll attacks.

The Council decided to send a runner to Gentry to call for Lord Luther, who was one of the signatories of the Avness Accord. Tudor told them that the runner would have to ask for Darrin, but he didn’t explain why. Eventually, they explained that Lord Luther was dead, but they waited until they were alone with Chaplain Cluve to explain why.

The Council also wanted someone to meet with the Fey Queen to ask about the trolls. The Seekers volunteered and since they volunteered, Chaplain Cluve gave them access to a large stash of potions. They didn’t want to completely deplete the Chaplain’s potions, so they took less than they would eventually need. As they were discussing their next steps, Talisman bust in through the doors of the Tannar House and just casually walked over to the Seekers. He told them to meet him at the Tannar House on the Festival of Moons.

Rykson’s New Home

Council Member Arris led the Seekers to a meeting with the Fey Queen’s Warriors. The Queen’s Warriors were very formal, slightly rude and very short with the Seekers.

The Seekers followed the little, Rykson-sized fey to the Queen’s domain. Arris did not join them as he feared an encounter with the queen’s angry and jealous husband. He did give Rykson an Amethyst Pendant that he claimed would let him travel from the Troll King’s castle to Norkelm.
Along the way, the fey explained that the trolls were poisoned and that they had a cure. They further explained that the trolls had kidnapped Queen Gwyneth and that there had been a revolt in the troll kingdom. The new troll king was responsible for the kidnapping and the fey believed that the trolls meant to break the Avness Accord and invade the humans.

As they traveled to meet with the Queen’s husband, Prince Rowan, they were ambushed by four man-sized trolls. The trolls attacked with poisoned arrows. The first volley was concentrated on Tudor and nearly killed before he even knew they were being attacked. Creed reacted quickly enough to save him though. After Creed nursed Tudor back to consciousness, Tudor just laid there pretending to be dead.

The ploy worked, for Tudor was not hit with any more arrows. With the help of the Queen’s warriors, they were able to kill two of the trolls, but unfortunately, the other two escaped. Every one of the Seekers took poison damage during that attack and it was then that they realized that they should have taken more potions when they had a chance.

They traveled a while longer and set up camp. The two trolls that had escaped earlier in the day attacked that night while everyone was asleep. Moradin and one of Tudor’s summoned fire beetles got the killing blows on the trolls.

Afterwards, they finished up resting. As they were trying to get comfortable and as Tudor reflected on the battle, he realized that the armbands he wore gave him a chance to move without provoking an attack of opportunity.

The next day, they made it to the Verdant Meadow – the heart of the fey territory – without interruption. The Verdant Meadow was incredibly serene and lush. The waters flowing through the streams were crystal clear and had curative properties and the Seekers bathed in it. Afterward his bath, Moradin rolled around in some dirt to get the nasty cleanliness off himself.

Once they were done preparing for a meeting with Prince Rowan, Leaf, one of the Queen’s Guards, sang a little song, which worked as a trigger to open a hidden entrance in a hedge. Before the Seekers stepped into the heart of the Verdant Meadow’s gardens, Blackthorn, the General of the Queen’s Guards, advised them to plug their ears because the music playing there would cause them to go mad and want to remain in the meadow forever.

Prince Rowan did not care for the Seekers. He was rude before they had even aid anything to him. When the Seekers first stepped into the court, the first thing Prince Rowan did was apologize to General Blackthorn for having to deal the Seekers’ stench. He was at least formal enough to offer the Seekers food, which they accepted.

After some brief, not-too-friendly conversation, Prince Rowan explained that the Fey can’t survive outside the Fabled Woods but they needed someone to cure the trolls and rescue the Queen. He offered to close off the Fabled Woods to the trolls in exchange for the Seekers help.

Prince Rowan provided more details about the trolls. He told them of Skraal, the Troll King’s son, who had usurped King Tuvgulk, of the poison that was making the trolls aggressive and that Skraal was being directed by a nhir’gan.

Prince Magrilg, Skraal’s brother, fled the castle to the safety of the Verdant Meadow, which is where he had been staying. General Blackthorn led the Seekers to Magrilg. Along the way, he explained that the cure for the poison would have to be dumped into pools at the troll castle and that Magrilg would have to lead them there.

Magrilg and Moradin did not get along. It didn’t take long before Magrilg shoved Moradin but fortunately, Moradin showed some restraint and did not fight back. As the Seekers and Magrilg discussed the way in which they would cure the trolls, Rykson just stopped listening or caring. He realized that the Verdant Meadow was a perfect place for him. He could stay there forever and dance among the trees and flowers. He would eat the freshest honey and be surrounded by others that were little like him. He felt content and did not ever want to leave the Meadow.

The Seekers weren’t able to talk any sense into him, so Creed attempted to physically carry the little halfling out of the Meadow. Rykson really didn’t want to go though, so he punched Creed squarely in the nose. It was a perfectly placed punch and made Creed’s vision blur for a moment.
They eventually tied him up to be carried away. The Seekers regretted having to do that to their friend, but it was necessary. Blackthorn summoned three giant owls to carry them to the troll castle. One of the owls picked up Rykson and carried him in a talon.

The Seekers arrived in the troll domain amiss a hail of arrows, but the owls were able to drop them off in a safe spot and fly away. Magrilg led the Seekers through deep snow across the frozen tundra of Arbroath. Along the way, they encountered some huge elk. Rykson was able to empathize with the elk, keeping them from running and thus alerting the trolls to their presence.

They eventually came to a forest of titanic trees. These trees were 100’ wide and reached into the clouds. They crossed a frozen river and entered the woods and immediately heard the sound of something large crashing through the forest.

The sounds were being made by three large wolves that thought the Seekers would make an easy meal. Instead, the Seekers quickly killed two of the wolves, with Kongo and Magrilg each getting a kill and the third one ran away.

They hurried on while Magrilg led them to “Mountain” at the entrance to an enormous waterfall. The Seekers weren’t expecting it, but Mountain turned out to be a giant. They needed to get past Mountain to go through a portal. Rykson offered Svorn’s sword to Mountain as a gift and bribe to let them past. From the way that Mountain and Magrilg reacted, it seemed as if Rykson had just offered an entire kingdom. That sword was very special.

Mountain led the Seekers to a gate behind the waterfall. It was called a “troll gate”. Moradin had had his eyes on that sword from the moment they first saw it and he wasn’t quite ready to let it go, so he asked Mountain if he could have it back. Surprisingly, Mountain gave it back. Then the Seekers went through Troll Gate. As they went through, the last thing they heard was laughter.

Through the Troll Gate
Ibernus the 23rd, 252 AE

Tudor, Creed, Rykson and Moradin had just gone through the Troll Gate at Wyspr Falls en route to save Queen Gwyneth.

The Troll Gate led them into a foul-smelling castle room dimly lit by torches fueled by troll-dung. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dark, but when they did they saw two men chained to a wall. They recognized the men immediately. The one whose guts were hanging down to the floor as if someone had just ripped them out and left him to die was Sledge. The other was Viktor and luckily he was still alive. Barely. He was completely naked and just barely maintained his grip on reality. When he heard the Seekers approach, he even mistook them for trolls and dared them to kill him.

Creed immediately tended to Viktor’s wounds which were so severe that he had to invoke Iynmar’s power just to mend Viktor’s shattered legs. Rykson offered some clothes to Viktor after Creed healed him, but the halfling’s pants wouldn’t fit past Viktor’s knees, so Tudor gave him an extra set of winter clothes that he had been carrying. Viktor explained how he and Sledge had come to be prisoner in the dungeon. It happened when he and Sledge got caught spying on Grek’s men as they murdered the man that was to be replace the former mayor, Luther, who died in a duel to the death against Creed. At least Viktor and Sledge were able to determine that Greck planned to help the trolls invade Gentry.

The Seekers, united with a freshly healed and unarmed Viktor, decided to push deeper into the castle. They had little choice because Prince Rowan had used a geas, to force them to save the queen and apply the anti-poison to the trolls’ drinking wells. So they prepared to move further into the castle.

Darkness broken by the occasional troll-dung-fueled torch dominated the halls and despite Moradin’s claims that walking through the darkness is fine because he could see well, Creed cast a light spell to help the rest of the party see.

Before they made it ten steps out of the room, Moradin heard a sound that was music to his dwarven ears – that of stonework in progress. The sound was coming from a huge hall just ahead of them. They carefully approached the huge hall whose walls were lined with several statues. The statues depicted different trolls and were made of a black stone like obsidian with alabaster teeth and claws. There was very old troll who was carving a last troll statue that was larger than all the others. This statue appeared to be the statue of the new troll king, Skraal.

The old troll was so startled by the Seekers’ approach that he fell off his chair and broke his hip. The troll didn’t really seem to be a threat, and his injury stirred some pity in some of the Seekers – particularly Tudor and Creed. Creed healed the old troll, who hardly seemed thankful. He just got up and limped away without so much as an acknowledgement or thanks. The Seekers tossed around some ideas for dealing with the old troll, but eventually they just watched him wander away even though they knew that he would probably alert other trolls.

The Seekers began searching the large hall and found a door covered by drapes made of flesh. Creed pulled the drapes aside to peer into the room beyond and as he did so, tentacles reached out of the drapes and grabbed at him, Moradin and Viktor. Viktor, as usual, reacted quickly enough to avoid the large black tentacles. Creed and Moradin did not and those tentacles grappled them tight.

Tudor recognized the source of the tentacles as a spell called Evard’s Black Tentacles – a nasty spell developed by a mage many generations ago. He quickly summoned a riding dog and created a small tear in reality that teleported Creed to the dog’s position and vice versa, but not before the tentacles had hurt the Chaplain.

Moradin was able to overpower the tentacles and escape on his own.

Meanwhile, Viktor decided to go question the old troll. As he was trying to leave, two huge wolves appeared in the dark hall and they appeared to be searching for the Seekers. The old troll had already done his damage. Creed reacted immediately upon their arrival with wrath. He charged one of the wolves and smashed its shoulder with his hammer.

Instead of Creed, the wolf attacked Kongo but Rykson is an expert rider and deftly guided him away from the wolf’s bite. The other wolf attacked the nearly defenseless Viktor and tripped him. Viktor’s response was to play dead, which probably saved his life because he didn’t have weapons or armor.

Creed charged fearlessly at the wolf that was attacking Rykson and Kongo and delivered another vicious blow. Tudor focused on his pendant, pointed a finger at the wolf that tripped Viktor and conjured forth a globe of acid with a loud “Assid!” The globe of acid burned a large spot out of the wolf’s fur, eliciting a pained howl.

After some time, the Seekers finally dispatched the two wolves plus a third that had arrived just in time to meet a swift end at the end of the Seekers’ weapons.

The Seekers were still curious about what was behind the flesh curtains, so they tried moving the curtains again. This time, they were more cautious. Rykson used his lance to push the curtains aside. When he did, the tentacles appeared again. Finally, they cut down the curtains and set the evil thing on fire, which seemed to dispel the tentacle attack.

They found a small chamber behind the flesh drapes, called the “Ovum”. The chamber was slick with blood and there were stacks of human body parts all around. They also found a black dagger seated in the torso of one of the bodies. They recognized the dagger from Geeb’s basement. They found other items in the chamber including three arcane scrolls. Creed checked out one of the scrolls but it blew up in his face. The surprise on his face was priceless. The remaining two scrolls were for the spells Slow and Lightning Bolt. Tudor took these scrolls and would later transcribe them into his spell book.

They also found a tanned piece of human flesh on which was written: “Makuul will lead us to victory and everyone will be enslaved.”

They ventured further through the dark smelly halls of the castle until they were attacked by more of the huge wolves. The Seekers worked together very well to dispatch the wolves efficiently. They made great use of their new team feat, Chain Attack by focusing their attacks on one enemy at a time.

They continued on through the castle until they came out of a tunnel onto a ledge overlooking the sea. They thought about resting there, but decided against it. Instead, they went back to the Ovum room that the flesh curtains were hiding and tried to rest there. They even made a new meat curtain to disguise their whereabouts.

That night, while Tudor was on watch, he observed a very strange phenomenon: the other Seekers were all mumbling the same incoherent words in their sleep, “trick… rope… hide… scared… rope trick”. He didn’t know what it meant and decided that he would study the words and see if the others had any recollection of a weird dream. They didn’t and the study would have to come later.

As Rykson was standing watch, he caught a glimpse of a nhir’gan whom Rykson recognized as Grilzt and who had apparently spotted them and ran off for help. So the Seekers got up and began exploring the castle again.

As they explored, they found more of the huge wolves and a larger white wolf that was chained to the wall and had a look of intelligence in its eyes. The Seekers fought and killed the white wolf with Tudor eventually landed the killing blow.

Luckily, Viktor was keeping watch away from combat because he saw some trolls approaching the Seekers. The Seekers quickly decided to throw down some oil and light it on fire in the hopes that it would slow the trolls down. Then they started moving to a more defensible position. As they were running past the cages, Moradin spotted an incredibly beautiful, sexy, dirty and naked lady in one of the cells. She was perfect even though she was covered in grime. Something about the way she held herself announced that she was the Fey Queen.

The trolls were coming from two different directions, so Tudor summoned a bison to slow down the trolls nearest their egress, which was a staircase leading up to the castle’s courtyard. Creed went to the Fey Queen and was going to carry her over his shoulder, but she refused to let him treat her in such a manner, so Creed cast a Sanctuary spell on the Fey Queen and then tried to hurry her to the stairs.

The Seekers just managed to escape the trolls by closing and barring two huge alabaster doors that blocked the doorway to the throne room. It was a very close call. They managed to bar the door shut just as the trolls were about to push the doors open. They had just barely escaped nine trolls and five of those huge wolves.

Feeling satisfied that the huge alabaster doors would keep the trolls and wolves away, the Seekers began searching the throne room. Rykson found a relief on a wall of a diminutive dwarf dressed in full plate that had the symbol of the Hammers of Orohk on its chest plate. The dwarf in the image was holding a silver box that appeared to be a peace offering to the troll king and it looked like the troll king was refusing the gift.

They searched for more, but found nothing, so they followed a staircase up. The stairs led to a balcony overlooking the sea. When they got out on the balcony, the Queen asked them to leave her there. Rykson was completely flummoxed at this. His jaw just dropped but they decided to leave her there until they could find a way to safely get her out of the castle.

The Seekers followed another staircase leading up out of the throne room and came across a large arch of pure black stone. On the floor next to the arch were a troll skin, some troll blood and a troll eyeball. Tudor did not know how to activate the portal, but he was able to surmise that the stone arch was a portal and that someone had recently tried to activate it using the troll parts.

Since they could not operate the portal, they continued on to an adjacent chamber. The room was torn up – it looked like someone had rummaged through all the books, shelves and anything that could be turned over. At the end of the room was a large alabaster door that was locked.
Tudor, Rykson and Creed decided to go back down to the Throne Room to search again while Viktor worked on the lock. It was a good thing they did because they found the chest plate piece of a full plate set of armor and a silver pendant.

After they finished in the throne room, they joined Viktor and continued through the alabaster door that Viktor had just picked. In the next room, they found a Gem Rod, a gray stone ring, an exotic wooden harp and 1,700 gold pieces.

Creed cast a spell that allowed him to see any magical auras in the room and found that the gray stone ring gave off a faint aura of transmutation and the gem rod gave off a moderate aura of enchantment.

While the rest of the group was looking at the magic items, Tudor was checking out a side room and randomly found a secret door. The door led out to a narrow cliff. The Seekers tied Rykson off with some rope and sent him out on the cliffs. The ledge led to the former Troll King, Tuvgulk, who was barely alive and left chained to a huge pedestal in a chamber at the top of the mountain.

As Rykson unchained him, Tuvgulk asked about the Fey Queen. Rykson explained that they had rescued her from her cell but still needed to escape the castle.

The two talked about Tuvgulk’s younger son, Magrilg. Rykson explained that he was safe and probably staying with the fey at the Verdant Meadow.

Then, Tuvgulk said that Skraal, the older son, was in league with the nhir’gan and that they were going to attack Gentry. He explained that Skraal was too powerful to defeat, but could be killed by using the Onyx Sword with his blood on it. He said several times that they would only have one shot with the sword.

Rykson crawled across the windy ledge back to the rest of the Seekers and grabbed the Onyx Sword. He then returned to the King, asked if he had any last words then applied Tuvgulk’s blood to the blade by cutting off his head.

They found another secret passage in the fireplace of the room that had been ransacked and followed it down. This passage was large enough for a troll and led down to a passage leading out of a cave. The cave entrance was covered by thick bushes and the wells were just beyond the bushes. Since it was dusk, the Seekers decided to get some much needed rest before exposing themselves to whomever or whatever could see the wells. The passage proved to be a great place to rest because the cave entrance was hidden by dense bushes.

The next morning, they started making their way towards the wells. The vegetation covering the cave entrance seemed to come alive as they made their way through, catching the Seekers by surprise. Two creatures that looked to be lions made of vines and leaves attacked Moradin and Creed, leaving nasty bite wounds in each.

Rykson and Kongo attacked the nearest vine lion. Rykson missed, but Kongo did not. The vine lion attacked Kongo in return and pulled the large dog into its maw. The other vine lion bit into Creed again and pulled him into its maw.

Tudor conjured forth an arrow of acid that hit the lion grappling Creed and Moradin chopped into the vine lion that was grappling Kongo.

While this was going on, Viktor crawled through the vegetation unscathed and made his way to Rykson to grab a torch out of his backpack. As he was lighting the torch to give to Rykson to use as a weapon, Creed went unconsciousness from the force of the vine-lion’s bite.

Tudor cast haste and eventually Moradin landed the killing blow on both creatures. During the fight, Tudor conjured an orb of acid that was weaker than any he’d conjured since first discovering his talent for magic. It was a very disheartening moment in the young mage’s life because he feared that one of his family, one of the Seekers, would be killed by one of the vine-lions that should have been killed by his spell. Luckily, no one died.

After the battle, Tudor went down and dumped a dose of Fey Powder into each of the three wells and then the Seekers quickly left to go back to the Queen and possibly capture or kill the nhir’gan.

When they got back to the huge barred double-door in the throne room that led out to the courtyard, they stopped to listen for any sign of the trolls that had chased them. They heard some breathing, but it sounded as if the source was sleeping. So they decided to prepare for battle and were going to rush whatever was outside that door.

Tudor summoned a celestial giant bombardier beetle, then Rykson said about the huge double doors, “Let’s motorboat these double-Ds!” To this day, no one understands what that meant.

They opened the door to find that all the trolls had been killed and that Mountain was sleeping in the middle of their carcasses. The Seekers were still a little hesitant about waking the massive troll, so they tried not to wake him as they went and investigated one of the courtyard’s side rooms. It was fortunate that they checked the room because in it they found an enchanted chain shirt and a magical dagger.

Mountain did wake and even though he was still very scary, he explained that he was there because Magrilg had asked him to help the Seekers. So he came and killed all the other trolls – which was indeed VERY helpful.

The Seekers spoke to Mountain briefly then went back to the castle’s cesspool to get the package that Viktor had seen them discard. The Seekers lowered Rykson down into the poo. He tried to avoid the more solid piles and used a makeshift rake to sift through the nasty stuff. Eventually he found what he was looking for but rootworms got into the flesh of his arm during the process. The infestation nauseated him and he started to get sick very quickly.

Creed quickly lit a torch and started burning and cutting the rot worms out of Rykson’s skin and then healed him. Then they cleaned him off and went back to the Queen. The Queen had called giant owls to carry them all away from the castle. The owls carried the Queen back to the Verdant Meadow and the Seekers back to Gentry. The Seekers chose to be taken back to Gentry because they knew the trolls were attacking it and that was where they’d find Skraal.

The Battle of Gentry
Ibernus the 27th, 252 AE

The Seekers arrived in Gentry to find bodies everywhere. Many buildings were still on fire and they could see villagers trying to get out to ships in the harbor to escape. They moved in to Eastford and went to Chasties. The door to the inn was open, so they carefully entered.

Everyone in the inn was dead, including Grek, which the Seekers lamented because they wanted to get their revenge on him. They did find Dys though. However, Dys was not himself and they quickly realized that Grek had somehow transferred his being into Dys’ body. Dys/Grek came at the Seekers very confidently and blasted them all with a force blast. However, the Seekers easily overpowered and killed him. It was unsatisfying.

They explored the rest of Chasties and found all of Viktor’s gear (except for his rapier) and 3,400 gold pieces. They needed to rest, so they left Chasties and found a small abandoned house.

The next morning, they woke and planned their route to where the remaining humans were barricaded behind a makeshift wall. The road was cut off by the occupying troll army so they had to cross a river to get to the human encampment.

They arrived just in time to witness a man use magic! It was Eunice and he had just blasted a couple trolls that were trying to break through the barricade. The Seekers spoke with Eunice briefly and volunteered to help. Each of the five Seekers were assigned ten-man teams. They barely had a chance to say hello to their teams before another wave of trolls attacked. This wave of trolls was led by Skraal.

The Seekers had their respective teams line up on the make-shift barricade to fire a volley of arrows, but the trolls were already too close for them to get off a volley of shots. The Seekers led their teams through battle and eventually were able to surround Skraal. Once he was fully surrounded, Tudor teleported Moradin, who wielded the Onyx sword, into striking range. Then, those surrounding Skraal all aided Moradin by distracting Skraal just enough to give Moradin a clean shot with the sword. He barely hit Skraal, but the blood-covered onyx sword stuck and turned Skraal to stone. The Seekers were victorious but it came at a horrible price. Skraal killed Creed first.

Rykson tried using the Cup of Life to revive Creed, but it didn’t work. Luckily, he had some of the water that flowed from the Spider Island spring where they originally found the Cup of Life.
He filled the Cup using that water and poured it down Creed’s throat. That worked and the Seekers got their Chaplain, their protector and their friend back from the clutches of death.

Viktor remembered a portal that the trolls used that was just west of Gentry. The Seekers found it and were able to use one of the pendants to activate the portal and travel back to Norkelm.

The council members in Norkelm greeted the Seekers as heroes and held a huge celebration for them. The townsfolk brought them lots of women and a dragon’s hoard of treasure, including the Maksimoida (a metamagic wand of maximize), Lightspeed (mithril full plate of speed), Flammende Lader (a +3 Fireburst Lance), Uhglee (a shield of heavy fortification) and Deceit (a Rapier of Puncturing). This is what happened in Tudor’s dream that night.

In reality, the townsfolk just held a nice celebration for them and provided a cottage for the winter.


I think I prefer Tudor’s dreams to reality. Err, um fantasy.. Is this real life?

MRL#5 Incursion

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