Campaign of the Month: April 2013

Myyth Realm: Legacy

MRL#4 Chaplain

Session V: Ibernus 2-3, 252 A.E.


The tallone’s hearthfire is as warm as the hearthfire of the shortones… I am tired now.

Their dens are different. Tallones build dens of trees and piled stones. Shortones dig in the earth, and make dens of deerflesh and bearflesh. Those dens move. They have moved away. Those dens are very far now. This makes Masterhunter sad. This makes me sad.

We walked very far to be here. This tallone den smells better than the manstink in the air at their Great Gatherings. Too many dens, too close together. Tallones are dumb like cats.

They are all in sleep now. My pack has not had goodrest in many nights. It is safe in this den. Moradin should not be in sleep. He should be scout now. I will not stay in sleep when Moradin is the scout anymore. He is lazy. He smells strong. I like Moradin. I will lick his face now.

The youngling stirs above us! This one is quiet when it moves. Is it male or female? It whispered words to my pack- we are Alert now! Masterhunter is ready, and Tudor, and Creed! Moradin will be ready soon…

I hear the sounds of horsefeet on the earth! Many horsefeet. An army of tallones approach.

These tallones have metalskins and sharpblades. One is howling to Creed for a fight. This one is Alpha. He has eyes that hold death for Creed! We should kill these tallones! They stink like their Great Gathering! We will rip open the bellies of their hoofsteeds and roll in their guts when they are defeated!

Why do we not fight them? We will kill them all! Tudor has fight in him, too. He is ready to kill! Moradin is always ready to kill. He is eating foodstuff now.

Masterhunter wants to fight. He holds me back. He tells me to Be Easy Boy. I will not Be Easy Boy! My pack are not squirrels! My pack does not watch as Creed is killed! What madness have these tallones carried to my pack?

Creed has crushed the Alpha! Creed is stronger now! Creed is Alpha of these metal tallones now! They will bring us food and we will mark them! I will mark one now! Ha! My mark makes Tudor and Rykson laugh!

Creed is standing over his kill. All of the metalskins look to him. They are weaker than my pack. They should lie on their backs and show their bellies to us! I will howl at them now. I will snap any who come close to us…

The weak metalskins have gone away. They stole the deadone of Creed’s kill. We should have eaten it. My pack never wants to eat our kills… madness. My pack did not take the deadone’s tokens or sharpblade or metalskin. My pack always steals from the deadones. The deadones do not need their spoils… I will never understand the games of men.

The hearthfire is warm. The foodstuff is warm and good. My belly is full. I will sleep. It is safe here… we should share this den with the happy tallones. They smell like my old pack… but with no other dogs.

A tallone has approached. This tallone is older than the trees. And powerful. He says few words. His words sound heavy and strong. We will travel where he travels now. This oldone smells like an old world…



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